Bucket trucks are an essential element in many different industries today, including utilities work, tree maintenance and other high-elevation jobs. The ability to bring workers to higher levels to perform much-needed tasks is an important one that requires the utmost in safety. Companies that routinely purchase the best bucket trucks for sale must look at how to keep operators safe to avoid costly and devastating accidents.

For the best ways to keep personnel safe, every used bucket trucks company should consider the tips listed below that will help be sure that their entire work crews abide by all company and industry safety rules.

Bucket Trucks – Invaluable Yet Dangerous

Whether climbing ladders or using an aerial lift, there is no doubt that working above ground is dangerous, especially at the extreme heights required for pole, tree, and tower work. Aerial lifts like platforms and buckets make that work much safer – yet each year there are injuries and fatalities that happen while using these devices. Overturned trucks and falls from height are the most common; electrocutions, entrapment, and other circumstances also occur, proving that these essential trucks are also very dangerous.

Preventing Bucket Truck Accidents

Though overturns, falls, and similar accidents top the list of how workers are injured operating bucket trucks, most of these incidents can be prevented:

  • Proper Equipment Maintenance – Each year, many used bucket truck accidents are caused by equipment malfunction or failure. This highlights the vital need for all companies to provide proper fleet maintenance. This is very important for any company that buys used bucket trucks, since a truck’s past history may not be known. Used vehicles should be closely monitored and carefully maintained.

  • Proper Use of Equipment – Training proper bucket truck usage as well as a company’s insistence on employee compliance is critical to prevent unnecessary accidents. Through regular, consistent training and skills assessment, all operators can stay up to date on proficient and safe use of used bucket trucks, which can allow them to be as productive as possible without compromising safety.

  • Use of Safety Gear – Every bucket truck should have all required safety gear, both for truck and worker. It is a company’s duty to outfit every bucket truck with all necessary safety equipment as well as be sure that operators understand and comply with how it should be used. If safety equipment or gear is damaged or missing, it must be replaced to reduce the chance that operators are working without it.

  • Following Company Safety Policies – After providing necessary bucket truck safety gear and equipment, routine truck maintenance, and employee training and guidance, companies must have safety policies to cover this and demand compliance from employees. This can reduce accidents and prevent a company from facing a costly fine from OSHA for not enforcing industry safety standards.

Why is this so important? Any company that relies even just one bucket truck must seriously consider the ways to keep operators safe. Purchasing the best bucket trucks for sale, providing necessary maintenance to ensure all operators are trained. and complying with operating and safety procedures are all essential to prevent potentially devastating bucket truck accidents. Develop a company-wide safety plan that includes all of the above points – and monitor employees compliance to be safe. Employee lives depend on it!

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