Beaches, bikinis, sports, sun, waves, and fun are not normally words one would think of when picturing their truck buying experience. At Central Truck Sales,Inc., we feel that this is unfortunate and wish to change the way you buy your trucks.

A New Buying Experience

As one of South Florida’s most experienced and trusted used truck dealers, we have been working from the same location for over 45 years. Central Truck Sales, Inc. wants to make sure that your time visiting is  both productive and memorable. The CTS Miami Truck Buying Experience allows us to make you, our customers, feel as if our home is your home. With so much to offer, a visit to Miami should be more than picking out and purchasing your truck, and we refuse to let such fun opportunities pass you by.

Concierge Service

When you make your decision to come visit South Florida we want you to know you are in the right hands from the beginning. Central Truck Sales will be your travel consultant. One of our representatives will pick you up from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale Airports at your convenience and advise you on hotel locations and options prior to your arrival.

Professional Sports

Want to see Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and the rest of the Miami Heat in action? How about a trip to Sun Life Stadium to watch the Miami Dolphins take the field? Being 10 minutes from both team homes, Central Truck Sales will help you organize a trip to the big game.

South Beach

Even if sports aren’t your thing, tell us what you like. Beachside dining, airboat rides, city tours, and countless other activities await our customers visiting the infamous South Beach. Can you think of a better way to spend the time waiting for your truck inspection than kicking back with your feet in the sand, ocean breeze in your face, and the sound of the ocean just inches away? Central Truck Sales doesn’t just offer great truck deals and service, we offer paradise.

Easy Logistics

Everyone knows that Miami is the best place to buy your truck. Its location and ports make shipping easy and fast. Now imagine combining that convenience with a memorable vacation experience. Love your truck and love the experience of buying it so much more.

Simply put, we want you to come back and visit us again. So let us know you are coming. We will help arrange restaurant reservations, hotel stays, airport transfers, attraction tickets, and just about anything we can to make your Miami visit one to remember. Oh – let us not forget that CTS maintains a strong reputation for selling high quality trucks and providing top-notch customer service. Come buy your truck the Miami way with Central Truck Sales, Inc. and make a purchase you will never forget.

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