A vacuum truck fleet manager has the difficult task of keeping the fleet in good condition in order to get the most work out of every unit. A major concern for businesses who routinely purchase used vacuum trucks for sale is keeping the engines in good condition with frequent oil changes. A good vacuum truck company knows these vehicles lead tough lives and must be protected against excess engine wear, which make it important to understand oil filtration and how filters work Regardless of the industry, and whether buying vac trucks, hydro-vacs, or even oilfield vacuum trucks for sale, the right type of oil filtration is essential to keep these hard-working vehicles performing.

Why Does Engine Oil Need Frequent Changing?

In any vehicle, including the best used vacuum trucks, engine oil provides lubrication to the many moving parts within the engine, which prevents seizing, excess wear, and reduced performance. When engine oil degrades and becomes polluted, the oil and often the filter need to be changed. Oil becomes contaminated from engine use, reducing its lubricating ability. The engine may still turn over, but contaminants allow for wear in other ways.

Filtration extends the amount of time between oil changes. Because fleet trucks, including used vacuum trucks, are in constant use, oil filters quickly become clogged, making routine oil and filter changes an essential maintenance item for these vehicles.

How Does Fleet Truck Engine Oil Become Contaminated?

Depending on how a truck is used, its engine oil can become contaminated more quickly than other vehicles. Vacuum trucks in particular have high running hours, and attract high levels of contaminants, from operating in a variety of unclean environments. Oil contamination – dirt, dust and external particles and engine sludge, a byproduct of combustion – is unavoidable, especially for vacuum trucks.

In addition, diesel engines produce much higher levels of sludge than gas engines and a high percentage of both new and used vacuum trucks are diesel powered. Based on the amount of hours a truck is used, its work environment, and the type of fuel and efficiency of the oil filter, a fleet manager must know when to change the oil and filter to prevent engine damage.

The Importance of Using the Right Filter

An oil filter has three main functions:

  • Catching contaminant particles
  • Containing such particles while the truck is being used
  • Keeping oil flowing through the filter while collecting particles

When it comes to vacuum trucks, vacuum trucks companies must purchase the right filters or otherwise face engine contamination, excess wear, and eventually, loss of performance.

Although many people believe an oil filter’s dust-holding or external contaminant capacity is what matters most, actual studies on various trucks and filters reveal that over 75% of all material collected by various oil filters is sludge caused by combustion. This means that a company that runs vacuum trucks such as oilfield vacuum trucks for sale should use filters that can handle high amounts of sludge before becoming plugged and non-functional.

To meet the challenges presented by the heavy use vacuum trucks experience, some oil filter manufacturers now have technology that provides the most efficient oil cleaning along with longest filter life. Full-flow, cooling filters that retard oil breakdown and clean the entire flow of oil with a complex design of stacked filters works well for some, while bypass filters that micro-clean small amounts of oil at a time and return it to the flow is the answer for others. There are also combination filters that do both. It is essential for a fleet manager and anyone who buys the best used vacuum trucks for sale to recognize the need for frequent oil changes and great filtration – and test the various types to find the one that is perfect for them!

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