001-bigCranes have long existed and been a helpful partner that has played a large role in the construction industry’s development. Lifting heavy material up to considerable heights with its very strong arm-like boom is the primary usage of this particular heavy-duty vehicle. Its capacity, size, and other features vary accordingly and tasks of loading and unloading can be accomplished in no time. With the many available options pertaining to heavy equipment such as the National crane truck, it is important to learn some important information outlined below.

Telescopic Versions

Cranes can be categorized according to the heavy-duty lifting arm: telescopic and articulating. As its name suggests, the telescopic version has an arm that can extend and retract. Telescopic has two subtypes: electric and hydraulic that dictate its capacity to carry and reach tall heights.

Electric-model telescopic booms are good for a moderately heavy payload. It has the capacity to lift a maximum of 6,000 pounds; working beyond the designated capacity can damage the vehicle’s electrical system. This version is also used for use with unique project types. The lifting capacity and rating should be carefully monitored as prescribed in the manufacturer’s manual and attempts should be made to exceed it.

Hydraulic telescopic versions are more powerful and capable of carrying a maximum of 14,000 pounds. Its boom can reach further with more weight load in comparison to the electric models and is designed for routine types of projects. The hydraulic assembly and its lifting capacity should match with the vehicle’s design.

Articulating Versions

Undoubtedly, the most highly recommended version with outstanding lifting capability is the articulating arm crane. One of the best options offered to buyers is the ability to customize this model according to required applications and desired preferences. This crane truck can lift 14,000 pounds or more and has the power to rapidly perform most lifting tasks; it offers extensive functionality and versatility. When the crane truck is equipped with components such as forks, grapples, buckets, or augers, specialized types of work can be accomplished. Because of the arm’s articulating capability, the crane truck offers precise control, simple usage, affordability, and compact, efficient size.

Specialized Features

National crane trucks are popular for use at with various jobs such as landscaping, shipping, storage, and many others. The trucks can be custom ordered and equipped with desired options and specialized features to fit with a company’s work needs. The location of a heavy-duty boom arm mounted on a truck bed allows for the vehicle to move rapidly wherever it is needed and safety is enhanced with outriggers for stabilization and tip-over prevention. The boom can be operated with controls located at the base or with a remote control system.

This heavy-duty crane truck is a helping hand in so many ways with its varying capacity to reach and lift that varies only by each vehicle’s specifications. This wonderful listing machine can indeed perform almost unimaginable lifting tasks in the busy construction arena!

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