National CraneNational Crane is one of the most established names in the construction truck industry and specifically with truck mounted crane design. These trucks are known for their high safety standards and design reliability as well as their hoisting capability. What differentiates National Crane trucks from telescoping crane trucks?

Telescopic Cranes vs. National Cranes

The articulated crane design is National Cranes answer to the ever increasing complexity in building construction methods with hoisting tasks that require a high level of mobility and control. Both telescopic and articulated cranes are truck-mounted so they can be driven to locations without the need of a separate transport vehicle. The two are powered by a diesel engine that drives both the truck’s transmission and the crane’s operation. Both designs utilize the same hydraulic system to move the massive booms.

The difference between the two types of cranes lies with the boom. A telescopic boom design means several sections of the boom slide from within the larger section of the boom to increase the boom’s length. On the other hand, the articulating crane has three boom sections that are connected by two joints and the entire boom folds over on itself within the bed of the truck when not in use.

The telescopic boom’s stiff design puts a limit to its maneuverability. When positioning its load, the telescopic boom can only extend its boom in a straight line without any means of maneuvering through obstacles, such as hoisting a load through a two story building window. This is very challenging if not impossible using a telescopic boom because of its limited movement. Another disadvantage of the telescopic boom is that it cannot operate close to the ground; since doing so would put a tremendous amount of stress on the boom.

National Crane Truck Advantages

Although both the articulating crane and the telescopic crane have a similar purpose of hoisting loads to a required elevation, the difference in their boom design makes a large difference in their performance. Here are some of the advantages of the articulated National Crane.

  • Maneuverability – The articulated boom is equipped with two moveable joints that connect the three segments that make up the boom. The joints make the articulated boom very maneuverable. This feature makes the design capable of working through tight spaces and avoiding obstacles.
  • Lighter – The construction of the articulated crane is lighter than the telescopic crane with the same capacity. This is due to the small diameter boom as well as the compact design.
  • Higher Capacity – Basically, the boom will experience the most stress when it is at its horizontal position, and decreases as the boom goes to a vertical position. The articulated crane solves this problem since the segments of the boom can be positioned in a way that would lessen the stress on the boom. Along with its light weight design, this gives the articulated crane a higher load capacity.
  • Precise Control – Most articulated cranes have two set of controls, one on each side of the truck. The purpose for this design is to allow operators to have a clear view of the boom and its load as well as the drop site for the load.

As with the continuous innovations in building construction, National Crane has also found ways to advance its crane design. This response to customer needs will not change in the future. Be assured that National Crane trucks will continue to improve and always meet the needs of their customers with the same high safety standards expected of a National Crane truck!