What is the latest information within the crane truck industry? Presently, this market is expanding through opportunities seen in primarily the export arena. These versatileNational_Crane boom trucks have evolved into one of the country’s most reliable pieces of equipment thanks to its appeal to both the slightly diminished domestic and the rapidly expanding export markets.

National Crane started business in 1945 and began producing a boom truck that immediately stood out in its field. Manitowoc began in 1925 and became known as the outstanding producer of crawler crane trucks. After other prior mergers, National came under the Grove Worldwide umbrella as part of the Manitowoc Company. Below is some additional information about National Crane‘s current advancement and development in the worldwide marketplace.

Diminished National Interest

Needs in the construction industry have been declining for boom trucks, so the crane industry has been seeing this as a possible choice to pursue other growing markets worldwide and are working hard on creating and building new opportunities outside of the United States. This newer market is looking for boom trucks to handle not only the construction industry but the mining and oil services industries as well.

Increasing Interest – Brazil and Colombia

In addition, boom trucks which face more governmental regulation and restriction in the United States are looking for business opportunities worldwide. The interest of manufacturers has focused on Brazil and Colombia where dealer development has been ongoing. Relationships in both countries have existed in the past and attempts are being made to not only re-build that connection but develop new market relations in these countries.

Increasing Interest – Russia, Middle East, Caribbean

Russia is another country for marketing the 20 to 50 ton version of these cranes. These vehicles are all over Russian roads, as this equipment meets that country’s code requirements. Due to their lighter-weight technology, this equipment is better able to operate on the roads in Russia without the cumbersome necessity of obtaining special road permits. Success is also being seen in the Middle East and the Caribbean with recent exhibits in those areas.

Increasing Interest – Australia

Australia has been seen and believed to be a good market opportunity. One recent diversification is to ship the upper portion of the boom body overseas where it is then mounted onto a locally-produced vehicle body. They find the National Crane uppers to be more current in both electronic technology and safety applications. The booms are longer, the overall weight is lighter and the capacity is outstanding for the applications needed. These vehicles are doing quite well in competition with locally-produced versions.

The United States has the world’s best truck crane manufacturers, offering top-of-the-line equipment. They can bring a standard of care and support to the overseas market that just doesn’t currently exist. In lieu of unreliable, out-dated technology, and hard-to-operate local versions, the United States crane truck industry is offering load-sensing hydraulics, simplistic operator controls, and great road driving capability all at an affordable price. This is an outstanding new market for National Crane trucks and will only continue to expand over time!