The construction of large, tall buildings are an important part of today’s world and cranes are very important in mostNational_Crane major construction projects. Since the demand for these machines is so high, manufacturers have set equally high standards for designing cranes that are reliable, durable, functional, and versatile. They must be equipped with the essential features necessary to finish various tasks both accurately and in the least amount of time. With the latest breakthroughs in truck technology, whether a tower or truck-mounted National crane, both have impressive performance and individual advantages.


Safety should always be given the highest consideration when operating a crane. In order for the operation to be safe and efficient, drivers must be properly trained and have the necessary skills to be competent and capable of carrying out all tasks effectively. Crane operators must be cautious, vigilant, focused, in good physical and mental condition, and abide by safety rules and regulations related to the proper handling of this equipment.

In order to be in strict compliance with these operating rules and regulations, drivers should not be allowed to operate these devices without first reading and understanding the manufacturer’s manual. It is important to pay close attention to any special instructions not given by supervisors or instructors during training.

Operating Information

The driver’s primary job is to maneuver the crane truck in a safe manner. It is important to have a “feel” for the joy-stick and pedal-type controllers as well as know where the master switches are located. The lifting movement should be checked before beginning the day.

The speed increase associated with each controller should be noted. There are three major components that must be controlled when picking up a load: the bridge, trolley, and hoist. The bridge should be positioned directly over the object to be lifted; it has its own brake pedal, so proper timing is necessary when approaching the desired place to position and stop. The trolley and hoist should be controlled to gradually raise and lower the load.

When a truck-mounted hydraulic National crane is used, it is important to employ the outriggers prior to beginning an operation to provide balance and prevent a tip-over accident.

Limit Switch

Before starting one of these machines, it is vital to inspect and test the performance of the limit switch. To carry out this task, the length of the hoist must be positioned to its lowest limit of approximately four inches above the ground to check the switch. Once this is done, move the hook up to the upper-most limit while ensuring that the cable is accurately wrapping around the drum, preventing cable cross-wrapping as much as possible. Normally, the upper limit switch stops prior to hitting the drum. If there is any problem with the limit switch, the crane should not be used

Maintenance Schedule

Just like any other heavy-duty equipment, an inspection and maintenance schedule should be strictly followed. Lubrication of the various components must be done annually to avoid premature wear and tear; while the controls and battery must be inspected daily and the sheaves, drums, limit switches and cables should be inspected for kinks and damage. If there is a suspected mechanical or technical problem, a driver should stop the operation and put a lockout tag on the remote control system. Once the inspection is complete and it has been determined the device is working properly, the load should be properly secured while maintaining a good clearance from any obstacles during the lifting and hauling process.

Manufacturers of the National crane are continuously using technology to improve safety and enhance the use and function of the controls to ensure that operators are able to move items being lifted with greater precision. All drivers must be properly trained for safety purposes as well as undergo a visual examination because poor peripheral vision cannot be allowed to operate this equipment. In order for loads to be safely lifted, the proper control, rigging, and center of gravity must be controlled. Operating a crane is a huge responsibility; therefore, it is important to learn its basic operations!

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