National_CraneCrane trucks are some of the most widely used of the modern lifting machines practically since they came into existence. They are used worldwide by many industries such as: transportation (for freight loading and unloading); construction (for moving materials); and manufacturing (for heavy equipment assembly). These vehicles come in different models and types to meet the specific lifting needs of the various industries. For any business that is considering the purchase of one of these trucks, the brand name of National Crane is a familiar one in the lifting machine market. Following are some interesting and pertinent details about this well-known brand of trucks.


In 1947, Marlo Burg founded National Crane in Nebraska and began to manufacture roadside weed sprayers In 1952, front-end loader equipment was introduced. In 1962, the manufacturing operations were moved to Waverly, Nebraska. Since that time, the ownership of the company has passed through several hands until it was acquired by Manitowoc in 2002. The following year of 2003, operations were moved to a new facility in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania which is the current location of all operations and production.


For more than four decades, National Crane has set the standard for articulating truck-mounted cranes. Their products are built for durability and dependability; they are equipped with features that suit the needs of many companies to properly accomplish any lifting job. A company can choose from a wide range of models with lifting capacity ranging from 4 to 40 tons. Businesses can be assured that these products are backed by many dealers as well as the Manitowoc Crane Care, which provides quality customer support.

New Model

National Crane has recently showcased a new design series for a particular line of boom trucks. One particular model that highlights a high-end feature of their current release is the Model NBT 55.

This model is the largest boom truck in the National Crane line with a capacity of 55 tons. There are two different booms available for this line: a five-section boom with a128-foot reach and a four-section boom with a 102-foot reach.

One of the most notable features that is standard on this design is the front outrigger box cross beam. This feature shifts the outrigger footprint to the front of the crane, which means that although there are front outriggers present, the need for them is eliminated most of the time.

Another feature of this model is the adjustable swing speed which enables the operator to customize the crane controls in order to match the job requirements. For example, if the lifting task of a load is extremely heavy or the task requires a long boom and jib configuration, it is essential to have precise control.

In addition, this is the first time that National Crane has designed their boom truck models to have removable counterweights. This gives the operator an advantage to move its weight around the machine; this is very useful especially when complying with road regulations is a requirement. This new line also features improved service points with easy access. This allows for all its hydraulic components to be easily accessed at various points.

The knowledge of some of the important aspects of the National Crane line of trucks gives a business owner the insight that these vehicles are reliable, easy to operate and durable. This is just the detail that any business owners or manager would want to know!