Knuckleboom trucks are different than any other crane or work truck, and OSHA requires those who operate them to have specific training. This includes hands-on training with the equipment itself, classroom training, and practical and written testing; however, some of OSHA’s rules on training and testing are unclear, leaving many companies wondering how they can be sure their employees have the right training.

Following are some answers to common training questions that both operators and employers frequently ask equipment training providers and knuckleboom trucks suppliers about knuckleboom training, and how they can meet OSHA training and safety standards.

Is NCCCO Knuckleboom Crane Operator Certification Required?

Certification is available, although it is not required, only because the ruling to require it has been delayed until November of 2017. Certification will be required after that date. It is best for a company to use this time to ensure that employees are properly trained and certified and establish certification through continued training. Re-certification every three years for operating new or used knuckleboom trucks for sale will also be required.

Who Needs to Become Trained and Certified?

According to OSHA, operators of the type of cranes that only move goods do not require NCCCO certification. Crane operators for machines used in construction, utilities, or any other type of work will require certification. Knuckleboom trucks suppliers say there are certain specifics that apply to this training. Refer to this NCCCO Flowchart to find out what jobs require certification.

Who Can Train Operators?

Knuckleboom trucks suppliers state that OSHA requires all employers to ensure those who operate their new or used knuckleboom trucks receive adequate practical and classroom training, but they do not specify who can provide the training. Training experts explain there are three ways a company can ensure they offer the proper training to their employees:

  • Training in-house using their own training program;

  • Using another company’s training materials created to train employees; and,

  • Hiring a third party to train employees.

A company should choose the one that will provide the best training for their employees, helping them to score the highest on evaluations, and to earn and maintain operator certifications.

How Often Is Knuckleboom Training Needed?

Generally speaking, operators can train as needed to pass certification examinations, and take refresher courses before re-certification every third year. This is sufficient except in the following circumstances:

  • An operator receives a poor evaluation or is seen operating in a dangerous manner.

  • An operator is involved in an accident or near miss.

  • An operator is assigned to operate equipment that is different enough from their existing training to warrant re-training.

In any of these situations, operators of new or used knuckleboom trucks for sale will require more frequent training than the “every-three-year” refresher courses. Also, all operators, regardless of the amount of experience they have, are required to take a practical and written training class, and a practical and written test for every evaluation.

Is This Training Portable from One Company to Another?

Knuckleboom trucks suppliers suggest that whether knuckleboom truck training can be transferred to another employer depends on the company, and the equipment the operator will use. Certification is based on specific types of mobile articulating cranes. The use of another type of crane may require additional training and certification. It is a company’s responsibility to ensure their operators are trained and certified to use their specific types of cranes, or they must provide additional training and certification.

Is Rigger Signal Person Training Required?

Any operator of new or used knuckleboom trucks must also receive rigger and signaler training, since they are two important parts of safely operating and communicating with others during the operation of these units. Those who only use fork attachments, and do no rigging, are not required to take this training; all other operators are required. Certification is not mandatory; however, federal rigger and signaler certification is portable, and recommended for operators who work for different companies and on different equipment.

Before purchasing new or used knuckleboom trucks for sale to be used by company operators, an employer must ensure they provide necessary training to their employees so they can become certified to legally operate this equipment. For more information about knuckleboom truck training and certification, knuckleboom trucks companies and suppliers should contact OSHA or the NCCCO for more details!

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