1999internationalvactor 001smalllllKnuckleboom trucks are versatile and powerful heavy-duty trucks that have been very useful to many industries, in particular helping those businesses that require moving heavy material from one place to another. Before buying another one of these trucks, be sure to read about some of the below factors to help select the right vehicle to fit ompany needs.


What makes this truck so differerent is the knuckleboom or arm-like mechanism connected to the back of the cab and is capable of loading and unloading heavy material to the truck bed. The boom has three hinges. The first hinge is located at the base of the arm which allows the angle to be changeed. The second hinge is located in just about the middle and allows the boom to bend. The third is placed near the end pf the entire boom which allows it to easily pick up items using a hook or hoist. One or more of the boom sectors of the mechanism is often telescopic and intentionally designed to increase reach. This crane mechanism can also be found in yards, warehouses, marine vessels and other places where handling heavy objects is necessary.


Loading and unloading very heavy items is the primary purpose of the arm-like mechanism of knuckleboom trucks. Because the boom is typically permanently attached to the vehicle, its operation may require workers to leave the cab in order to manipulate the crane.Newer models of this uniqe machine have remote controls that can be used to maneuver the knuckleboom arm. A remote control will help manipulate the boom from a safe distance to load and unload the material. Some of the knuckleboom truck models have touch buttons that, when pressed will automatically fold the knuckleboom back into its original position in the bed of the truck.

Mobility and Lifting Capacity

These unique trucks offer effective mobility to move on highways and narrow roads. With its lifting capacity, it provides the ability to accomplish tasks more efficiently. It eliminates the need to acquire additional equipment to lift heavy material at a job site since the boom can easily lift such heavy items out of and into the truck bed. As an example, if a company is engaged in delivering large electric transformers or huge rolls of electric wire, such items can be easily lifted onto the truck bed without requiring additional lifting equipment either at the warehouse and at arrival in the designated delivery area. The end of the knuckleboom can be altered by adding the right attachments such as: a bucket attachment that can be used for personnel to ride and work at considerable heights; a clamshell that can be attached for excavating jobs; and a pallet port can be attached to handle palletized loads.

Knuckleboom trucks are equipped with more lifting capacity and incredible versatility. Having this type of equipment is an additional asset to any company and will surely make the task of lifting and hauling heavy material easier and less costly. It is indeed true that this one vehicle can do the work of two trucks – so to use a knuckleboom is to certainly love the work that can be accomplished by them!

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