Dump_Truck_WhiteGlobally, heavy-duty trucks are critical to the material transportation and utility industries, providing muscle in loading and unloading heavy material reliably and efficiently. Among the many specialized trucks that deliver excellent service, knuckleboom trucks should never be left behind. These vehicles are powerful equipment that can perform multiple tasks, offering important services to a company. From the very beginning, these trucks have been utilized by the telephone and electric industries; however, thanks to technological advances, it is truly a multipurpose vehicle.


Ideally, this vehicle provides workers with a platform for easy access to areas difficult for ladders to reach, which saves time and allows employees to work safely and securely. Following are some of the tasks that knuckleboom trucks can perform.

  • Lifting – With a bucket or basket attachment, heavy lifting can be performed as well as providing a platform for workers to reach high places. Boom trucks are widely used for tree trimming, fruit harvesting, advertising, roofing, painting, decorations hanging, rescue missions, and the repair and maintenance of electric and telecommunication lines. They can also safely lift material to heights necessary with construction projects.
  • Drilling – When a giant hydraulic auger drill is attached, this equipment can be transformed into a digger derrick to rapidly and safely bore holes as well as set and position the poles in place. Manual drilling is no ordinary task as it consumes a great deal of time, sweat, and resources; however, due to the availability and versatility of knuckleboom trucks, this task is no longer a burden to electric and telecommunication companies, allowing for higher productivity and an increased return of investment.
  • Cleaning – If an hydraulic grapple is put on the boom arm, it can clean up bulky waste in various municipalities. This is actually a new technique that helps garbage collectors finish tasks safely and in a short period of time. By configuring the device to become a grapple truck, time is not wasted and the collection of bulky refuse can be immediately handled to maintain a clean and risk-free environment.
  • Hauling – A popular use for this vehicle is to carry and transport heavy material. Often used in the forestry industry, timber is picked up using the claw-type grapple attachment and then placed on a truck bed. This offers the fastest way to transport logs to mills and processing plants.

Knuckleboom trucks are manufactured to perform multiple tasks and offer a strategic advantage to many different industries. These vehicles not only provide the productivity that a company needs, it also helps employees finish tasks safely, easily, and comfortably. Drivers can control these vehicles so any job can be done precisely and accurately. When buying one, always choose a high-quality, multipurpose model that gets better mileage, has a lower gross vehicular weight, a powerful engine, a better transmission, and uses diesel fuel. Any company can then gain the full advantage of these awesome trucks!

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