Knuckleboom_TrucksFor most big construction jobs and heavy lifting needs, there is probably little argument that cranes and knuckleboom trucks are essential to get a job done. Not only do these machines make prohibitively heavy jobs much easier and faster to accomplish, they also add an important element of safety to the job as well. Having the right equipment for various applications can make the difference between tasks being accomplished as planned without any difficulty, or the plan becoming a costly and dangerous disaster. It is essential to know which equipment is required as well as each machine’s specifications for safe usage in the construction industry.

Perfect Option

For companies working with smaller loads, shorter lifting needs and tighter spaces, a mini boom might be the perfect option. There is no need to buy a full-sized crane truck if it can only be used for some applications and not all of them considering how expensive they are. The broader use of a smaller version might be best handled by the mini boom version as they offer greater versatility and options for a wider variety of jobs.


There are various types of mini cranes classified under the category of mini knuckleboom trucks and they all employ the same basic idea: a crane or knuckleboom built onto a utility truck body or small flatbed rather than a heavy-duty flatbed body. They are available with regular, straight and telescoping arms which can reach upwards of thirteen feet as well as with an actual articulated knuckleboom which conveniently folds down either behind the cab or into the center of the truck bed when not in use. These smaller cranes offer the same flexibility and convenience as larger versions but with an even greater span of operation since they can go where a regular, larger crane cannot fit.


Mini boom trucks are widely used with various attachments in many different industries. Trucks outfitted with buckets or “cherry pickers” are standard equipment for electric, communications and cable companies as the safest and most convenient way to get workers up to where the job needs to be done. These units are usually either remote controlled or controlled with a panel inside the bucket, providing easy operation by one person.

They are also a staple for: window cleaning companies; brick and masonry cleaners; sign companies; warehouses; mechanics and building contractors of every type. Accessories and attachments designed to fit a variety of uses include: aerial buckets; small straight, telescopic and articulated cranes for lifting and moving; and material handling where a forklift is necessary but not available to name a few. With the adaptability offered in these smaller work horses, mini knuckleboom trucks and cranes can be a more affordable and more convenient option for many mid-sized companies who cannot justify the purchase of a full sized unit. They are indeed a mini boom with many uses!

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