Knuckleboom_TrucksInnovation is a great thing, especially when it means the development of products and procedures that make difficult work easier. In the construction industry, one of the more recent additions that has done just that is the knuckleboom crane truck, which has slowly gained popularity in the United States over the past few years. Developed in Europe, many companies around the world have begun to see the many benefits of knuckleboom trucks, making them a favorite as the best crane for the job.

Easier Lifting

One of the biggest problems with conventional cranes is the amount of space that is needed to be used. Lifting is good; however, without being able to maneuver to do the job many job possibilities will be out of the question. Telescoping cranes have been the main go-to for moving building supplies and other similar items by being available in smaller sizes with good lifting capability – but only up to heights of about five feet.


Where the knuckleboom crane surpasses others is that it is smaller, more maneuverable, and can lift loads much higher than a telescoping crane. Built like a giant articulating arm placed on a utility or heavy duty truck chassis, this vehicle can at the same time lift as high as twenty feet or more and rotate to position a load, saving time and effort usually spent to move the vehicle. It can lift outward, telescoping and lifting straight up in tight spaces where other machines cannot fit.

Compact in Storage

After use, the articulated crane folds down compactly into a space behind the truck cab, leaving the rest of the bed open for payload. Knuckleboom trucks are easily driven on roads and highways, providing rapid deployment from job to job without needing to be hauled around to other job sites. With all of these features, knuckleboom cranes can out-perform most of the competition – hands down.

Find the Best Knuckleboom Truck for the Job

When purchasing a new or used boom truck, one of the most important factors to consider is the typical load weight that will be lifted, the distance it will be lifted, and the applicable radius of the load that will be moved. With this information, the necessary truck chassis size and weight can be determined. These trucks, if used to lift more than the stated capacity, run the risk of tipping over when the loaded boom is extended away from the truck, leading to disastrous results.

After determining typical usage, size and strength, the size of the chassis that must be large and heavy enough to support the crane and its load can be selected. If payload is an important part of the equation, balance must exist between a loaded crane and a knuckleboom that is light enough to carry loads without exceeding the GVWR as well as be heavy enough to support a fully-loaded and extended crane. With properly matched crane and truck chassis, location of operator controls, type of body and bed, and other features can be decided.

Though the research and calculation to configure the perfect truck may be time consuming, purchasing knuckleboom trucks for a company fleet will greatly increase operator efficiency, leaving more time available for other jobs. These highly versatile trucks can be outfitted with different boom attachments. When used at a work site, knuckleboom trucks are sure to become an irreplaceable part of any heavy duty truck fleet!

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