knuckle-boomGetting the best machinery for a growing company isn’t always that easy. Buyers may need to shop around to check out different items or spend some time researching and reading information on the internet. Whether looking at the vehicle from the office desk or the dealer’s show room, it is necessary from the beginning to learn some of important features of knuckleboom trucks.

This vehicle is a specialized type of machinery that can be very expensive. Purchasing a machine that is under or overqualified for intended job requirements is not a good idea at all. To prevent this from happening, buyers must learn the necessary features that are dictated by business requirements. Below are some important facts about this very versatile heavy-duty truck.

Custom Attachments

Being able to choose and custom build an attachment is what makes such trucks a great choice for increasing productivity and efficiency. With the right made to order attachment, a vehicle can perform many specific applications. When disasters happen, many service companies are able react to unique circumstances such as clearing roads of debris; carrying transformers and huge electric wire rolls to a work site; or even offering a rescue mission to transport supplies to disaster areas. Its powerful arm can be made to order to a desired working height. Material handlers can also be installed on the boom to transform the vehicle into a very useful utility vehicle. Personnel can be lifted when a bucket or platform is attached to the boom. With such features, owning this truck can give any business an endless set of possibilities.

Technology Capabilities

Despite the power and strength of these pieces of equipment, without proper operating processes the truck could be inefficient. Equipment such as knuckleboom trucks can do a variety of jobs, from the most common tasks of lifting, drilling,and cleaning to critical jobs such as rescuing a person or handling sensitive material, greatly surpassing the capability of its counterparts such as the common bucket truck or telescopic crane truck. Businesses can rely on this unique truck for the work and jobs it can achieve.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are two important goals to consider when purchasing such expensive pieces of machinery, factors that help a company meet client expectations. Safety is achieved when the equipment has features that protect all operating personnel. Booms and buckets can be installed with isolation controls to protect the crew when working near live electric wires. The cab can be upgraded using a harder covering to protect inside occupants from falling debris; there is also a specialized windshield tint that protects personnel inside the truck from the hazard of UV rays. In addition, the boom may have a remote control, usually at the base, another near the bucket truck, or at a remote controlled location. This allows an operator to perform lifting from a safe distance.

Knuckleboom trucks can contribute to business goals through the addition of custom-built tools, new technology, and safety upgrades. All of these important components make it a very versatile truck that can increase any company’s production and efficiency!

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