Knuckleboom trucksLet’s admit it, most if not all of us have been held captive by, or at least strongly attracted to video games at some point in our lives. Who can forget one of the most interactive game controls that are on every coin-operated arcade game – the ‘joystick’? Every game made you feel more alive and linked to the game due to the superior control that only a joy stick can offer. Well, if you have come to regret those hours at the arcade or similar such hours with your Playstation, how would you like to learn that the skill you learned from those fun-filled hours with a joystick in your hand can transpose over to an actual job skill!

Joysticks and Knuckleboom Trucks

Joysticks are also known as a game control and it was initially developed as the primary controller for airplanes and is the main control for light planes even today. Although the only other usage most hear about regarding a joystick is in the gaming industry, in actuality it has found its way into another very beneficial application and that is as the controlling device used on knuckleboom trucks.

What are Knuckleboom Trucks?

Knuckleboom trucks are commercial utility vehicles that have many useful applications, especially in the construction industry. The defining feature of this truck is its massive articulating boom situated right behind the cab. Because the turret for the boom is located behind the driver’s cab, its position allows for more truck bed space thus making the vehicle ideal for hauling large loads as well.

Great Maneuverability

The knuckleboom is the defining feature of the truck that carries the same name. Although it looks very similar to a crane truck with a telescoping arm that is capable of extending and retracting, the knuckleboom itself is uniquely designed with two articulating joints that can bend. This gives the knuckleboom arm great maneuverability when loading and unloading cargo in or out of the truck bed. It is also much more compact than the articulating boom because it can fold up onto itself and usually is stored in the truck bed.

Why Does it Need a Joystick?

So why do knuckleboom trucks need the precision control offered by a joystick? The two articulated joints on this truck offer a wide range of movement which in turn requires an equally agile controller such as a joystick. Unlike conventional knobs and buttons, a joystick controller lets the operator work in tandem with the machine; this offers a more precise and refined control to the operator. Using the joystick as the knuckleboom’s primary controlling device, the operator can control the vertical and lateral movement of the boom with greater definition.

Control Accuracy

The combined effort of the knuckleboom and the joystick results in a control accuracy that cannot be found in any other piece of heavy equipment. The boom operator has the capability to make small, unique moves that are necessary in certain lifting operations. A heavy load can be put exactly where it needs to be with a minimal amount of unnecessary movement which make it so much more efficient than a standard crane arm

There are numerous attachments that can be put on knuckleboom trucks to perform many different types of job that would be much more difficult with a standard crane truck. It has been said that any imaginable application can be uniquely handled by this unique truck. So put all those years of video gaming to use in the precise handling needed with knuckleboom trucks!