What are Knuckleboom Trucks? Knuckleboom_Truck_2

Knuckleboom trucks are commercial vehicles with hydraulically-mounted articulated booms on the truck frame. This boom allows for folding back similar to how your finger works; this action allows for compact storage of the boom on the truck and makes the truck ‘smaller’ to facilitate an easier placement of the vehicle next to the work-site. Their primary function is for loading and hauling material from one place to another. It is widely recognized for its versatility, increased control, lightweight design, long reach, increased weight and lifting ability.

Today, if you are buying a knuckleboom truck, you need to have an idea of what truck specifications are recommended for your type of business. There are different styles and variations from which to choose and it is very important to know the key factors that will help in the selection of the right knuckleboom trucks for your business.

Important factors that should be carefully researched and considered are the reach, capacity, and safety of this truck.

  • ReachKnuckleboom trucks offer more of what operators need for the operation. This utility truck is designed to have an exceptional reach which can allow up to 92 feet or more from any given point. Manufacturers have indeed seen the advantages of a knuckleboom with an increased working height. As a buyer, it is your task to know how high an object will be lifted because this will be one of the questions that will be asked of anyone wanting to purchase this type of truck. So, know the appropriate reaching capacity and right working height for your knuckleboom truck needs.
  • Capacity – The next thing to consider when considering the purchase of knuckleboom trucks is the boom’s capacity to lift heavy materials. The manufacturer might ask you how much weight you are going to lift and carry using the equipment and you need to be prepared to answer this question. Various manufacturers have engineered a knuckleboom truck with increased reach as well as increased capacity to lift heavy objects. As a smart buyer, always check the maximum lifting capacity of the equipment to know if this will suit your business needs.
  • Safety – In selecting the right knuckleboom trucks for your business needs, be sure to give great importance to safety. Because the primary purpose of the truck is to lift heavy objects, always check if it has an overload protection system. Not all knuckleboom trucks have this feature. This system is designed to prevent the truck from going beyond its maximum limit which could be very dangerous and risky. To maximize safety, other machines have a built-in remote control operating system. Likewise, check the hydraulic outriggers for stability to prevent unwanted accidents due to tipping over while the device is in maximum extension and carrying heavy objects.

Every buyer always faces the dilemma of how to select the right equipment appropriate for their business. Nowadays, knuckleboom trucks are very important in performing numerous applications and with over a hundred models from which to choose in the market, you can be confused on which one is the best for your company’s particular application. Consider then that a long reach, increased capacity and safety are the key components in selecting the right knuckleboom trucks for the job!