vaccum-trucks-featuredMany projects nowadays can’t be completed without the help of specialized equipment, heavy-duty mechanical devices that can accomplish several tasks with ease and comfort that are imperative for efficient productivity and successful results. Managing tasks using incorrect equipment would waste valuable resources or not get a job done properly because of inefficiencies and inaccuracies. In construction industries, lifting heavy objects is unavoidable and is mostly integrated into the daily business operation. Such effort requires a mobile device to easily carry and transport heavy material. Knuckleboom trucks have become the best suited device due to their versatility and functionality.

Since truck technology is constantly evolving, the conventional crane-type machine has been transformed into a unique and a task-specific machine through the well-designed attachments. This evolution of functionality and versatility has paved the way for incredible job performance.


This truck got its name because the arm can be folded in the middle much like a finger. This folding into a compact size for easy and safe transportation is a great advantage over any telescopic boom version. It has a lower profile, increased payload capacity, increased reach, and greater lifting capacity. One of the major benefits of this vehicle is the accurate control drivers have over the load. It can be easily maneuvered around a work site without problems even if when obstructions are present.

Global Demand

The popularity of knuckleboom trucks has contributed to an ever-increasing global demand that translates into a world-wide availability and easy acquisition through various manufacturers. Contractors understand the advantages and benefits of this vehicle; continual and persistent demand has grown at a steady pace. The machine is not only fabricated to lift and transport heavy objects but to accomplish many other applications including functioning as a bucket, auger drill, vacuum, and grapple truck to name a few.


Its versatility and adaptability depends solely upon the mechanical attachments that are available. For certain applications, the end of the boom arm can be mounted with a claw-like attachment, clam shell excavator, giant auger, hydraulic basket, and the usual crane attachment. These unique abilities are basically why it has become such a multi-purpose vehicle.

Conventional to Contemporary

Conventionally, the truck is commonly seen as an articulating crane and is primarily designed to lift and carry heavy material from construction sites. Due to the modern breakthroughs within the trucking industry, the more conventional device has evolved into a modern piece of equipment with functions similar to the digger derrick, cherry picker, grapple, able to perform and maneuver with ease.

Generally, knuckleboom trucks have been recognized as one of the most essential pieces of equipment in for a variety of industries due to its versatility and productivity. Their mechanical ability, along with the right attachments, allow for a wide range of tasks to be accomplish, making them a highly functional tool. Unlike the telescopic boom, it can perform certain jobs with little difficulty and can be configured to perform important work in the forestry, construction, municipality, mining, advertising, electric and telecommunication industries. This vehicle does indeed do incredible work!

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