Knuckleboom trucks can be seen every day performing a wide variety of jobs. They are used in many applicationsKnuckleboom_Trucks such as: ground digging, fire fighting, advertising, forestry activities, and oil drilling as well as for hoisting, hauling and moving heavy material.


Although this heavy-duty equipment is a relatively simple machine, it is also a very complex tool used by many industries to get individual jobs done more efficiently. When purchasing such vehicles, it is important to keep business productivity and profitability compatible with each other.

Many manufacturers offer such vehicles and continuously strive to produce improved and less expensive knuckleboom trucks despite the ongoing economic struggles. These vehicles are built to the highest quality standards and are customized to suit a variety of applications, making them more versatile, functional, and efficient in the performance of any assigned task.


When compared with conventional counterparts, knuckleboom trucks are configured to have various load capacities. The truck bed is engineered to bear an increased payload and the boom is mounted on the chassis behind the driver’s cab to provide adequate space for the transportation of materials. Since their design is smaller, operators do not have to be certified. Thanks to technological advancements, conventional boom equipment can be modified to suit each job-specific application.

Lifting and reaching capacities are the two basic features to be considered when matching equipment to a specific application. It can be configured to have varying lifting and reaching capacities; with the right attachments, it can be used for drilling, pumping, excavating, and elevating workers to different heights.


Initially, knuckleboom trucks were only used to lift, haul, and transport heavy objects. As more industries discovered the versatility of these articulating cranes, it became a multifunctional beast capable of performing almost any job. In addition to the various applications stated above, it is used in: construction; oilfields; mining; pipe handling; excavation; tree trimming; emergency rescue; changing billboard signs and street lamps; and the installation of utility poles. All of these things can be done with a single truck with the right attachment.


Because of current computer technology, controls can be configured based on personal preference. The boom can be operated using stand-up, ground, top-seat, and remote wireless radio control. Some control mechanisms are similar to joy-sticks, so for those who enjoy computer games this would be a simple device to learn to operate.


Warning systems are built in to warm an operator of any impending threats that may be occurring. There is an overload detection system to prevent tipping over and prevent possibly fatal accidents.

Special articulated trucks have been developed because of the growing demand for mobile vehicles to lift and transport heavy material can is designed, modified, and configured to cater to many jobs. Because of such technological advances, manufacturers can produce knuckleboom trucks that are versatile, durable, reliable, efficient and highly productive that can also be customized to suit the needs of just about any type of business!

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