Knuckleboom_TrucksKnuckleboom trucks are heavy duty vehicles fitted with a compact and short hydraulically-driven arm that is used in tasks involving heavy lifting during the loading or unloading of material. With additional attachments, many other tasks can be performed such as excavation, hole drilling, etc. Several advantages of this versatile vehicle are discussed below.

  • Mobility – The vehicle typically runs on a large diesel engine that provides enough power to move the vehicle while lifting or to travel from one area to another which allows a single knuckleboom truck to be used in several locations. This eliminates the extra cost to purchase additional fixed cranes for each job location, which is such a better use of capital resources for a company.
  • Construction – Due to their robust construction, these trucks can lift or carry a number of tons with relatively high efficiency which saves time and avoids time-consuming manual operations. Saving time in turn increases the time necessary to complete the job and provides for higher productivity.
  • Different Functions – The knuckleboom truck can perform various operations, including: loading and offloading of various types of material with the appropriate gripper; and transporting material from one point to another with job-appropriate attachments and/or extra equipment such as additional trailers. With additional attachments that are available, this vehicle can be used in excavation as well as drilling holes into the ground, which allows for greater diversification of the services that a company can offer to their customers.
  • Space-Saving – The primary feature of knuckleboom trucks is the crane. It folds down upon itself and has the ability to stow away within the bed in a compact small size, freeing up some extra cargo space. When folded, the knuckleboom arm also avoids obstacles and obstructions when being used or parked waiting to be used.
  • Many Services – This vehicle is so versatile that it can perform many different services in lieu of other vehicles having to be used. Some companies will rent the truck to other businesses for use when not actually being used, so great is its flexibility in use.

Purchasing Factors

Several factors need be considered before selecting one of these trucks to purchase so that the extra model and attachments can be obtained for maximum usage capability. These factors include:

  • Weight – The truck weight is dependent upon usage in most cases.
  • Maximum Payload – The maximum load or payload that can be lifted is an important factor.
  • Mounts – The boom arm mounts can be either removable or permanent, again depending on usage.
  • Outreach – The boom arm outreach and reaching radius are pieces of vital information.
  • Strength – Stability and strength varies and the appropriate parameters must be considered.
  • Arm Size – Maximum size of the crane when folded will dictate truck bed size.
  • Attachments – Extra tools attachment provisions to facilitate different tasks should be determined.

Finally, knuckleboom trucks are fitted with safety features to ensure that no problems are encountered in the course of work. Because of their durability and low depreciation rate, resale value for this vehcle is very high; so selling it will seldom incur any capital losses for a business. Use of this versatile vehicle can can add tremendous value to a company while increasing its working visibility in the community – what a fortunate benefit indeed!