Today, the knuckleboom trucks market is overflowing with extremely impressive competitors. This could be due to the latest breakthroughs in technology and to the Knuckleboom_Trucksresponse of customers to the ever-growing knuckleboom market. A strong global demand for these trucks has become a good sign that the industry has rebounded from the previous year’s economic recession. Many boom truck manufacturers have widened distribution of their product lines to meet the increasing demand of this vehicle for various applications. Knuckleboom trucks are a part of this recovery because of the many benefits that are offered by these vehicles.

The widely known knuckleboom truck manufacturers such as Elliot Equipment, Manitowoc Crane Group, Terex, Manitex, and Altec are producing hydraulic boom-lift trucks that are very advanced and have the capacity to dominate the global market. In addition to the ability of these vehicles to rotate 360 degrees with operational ease, they are able to perform many other applications.

Presently, knuckleboom trucks are used in electrical and telecommunication services which require vehicles that have higher elevation and increased lifting capabilities. In response to these demands, boom lift producers are using the latest technology to meet and supply these needs. These utility fleets can deliver essential benefits which impact the productivity of businesses. Following are some of the benefits knuckleboom trucks offer:

  • Increased Safety Features – Boom lifts are designed in ways that prevent the occurrence of worker injuries while being raised to a desired height. Manufacturers ensure that the boom consists of high tensile steel to withstand breakage. Additionally, these knuckleboom trucks are equipped with hydraulic outriggers and computerized safety monitoring devices.
  • Boom Length and Lifting Capacities – By nature, boom lifts are designed to carry materials to various heights and they are used to lift heavy equipment and materials to that height. As a result, manufacturers have increased the boom structure to be able to reach further distances while at the same time have increased its lifting capability. The former 35-foot boom length now reaches 51 feet and the normal 4.5 ton lifting capacity can now hoist objects weighing up to 9 tons.
  • Reliability – Modern knuckleboom trucks are manufactured to endure a variety of rigorous applications. These trucks have increased performance levels to deliver the highest degree of productivity in the most reliable way. The high quality fabrication allows for fewer repairs, thus improving dependability and productivity levels for truck owners.
  • Low Maintenance and Operating Costs – In any business, the generation of revenue is very crucial. It is important to minimize company expenses to increase net income. In terms of maintenance and operating expenses, knuckleboom trucks are true winners since they have low operational costs and fewer repairs when compared to other heavy-duty vehicles.

Knuckleboom trucks offer many benefits to business operators and their necessity in the business world have drastically increased despite the economic recession. This is most likely due to the many advantages owners of these vehicles profit from due to the versatility of this equipment. With booming business benefits derived from the knuckleboom trucks, it is foreseeable that 10 to 15 years from now, this industry will indeed be a booming multi-million dollar business!