Knuckleboom_TrucksJust because something may have always been done in a particular way does not necessarily mean that it is the best way. There are still many companies using crane trucks simply because they have always used that particular commercial vehicle. Many companies have realized that knuckleboom trucks are available with adapted articulated crane technology! Any company that is in the process of purchasing new trucks to be efficient, boost the company’s productivity, and increase profitability must read the following information.

The boom of this type of truck is designed much like the mechanics of a finger. Knuckleboom trucks look like standard crane trucks, which is the technology from which it was adapted. The difference is that the truck’s boom is capable of bending in the middle. When the boom is folded back, it gives the operator greater maneuverability and only requires a minimal amount of storage space.


There are a growing number of companies that are taking advantage of using knuckleboom trucks for their day-to-day operations. This equipment is lighter and more compact which gives it the ability to accommodate heavier loads. Because of its lower profile, loads can be carried for longer distances. It has the ability to extend horizontally and can reach material at longer distances; yet the overall height is lower in comparison to its counterpart. Knuckleboom trucks have a longer reach than telescopic crane trucks, which can be quite advantageous since tasks can be performed without the need for secondary equipment.

Knuckleboom trucks also offer increased control for the operator. It has adapted the articulated crane technology of having precise control so that the operator can manipulate the load efficiently. These trucks are built for versatility and give an operator the ability to place a load exactly where it needs to be, whether on the highest floor of a building or just lowered to the ground without having to maneuver around obstacles at the building site.

Overload Protection

There is an integrated system available for knuckleboom trucks that have proven to be very helpful to the operator. It is a system that protects the equipment from overloading. The technology is designed with the ability to stop the truck to prevent the risk of overloading. The system communicates to a main computer and keeps track of the number of times the truck has been loaded. If there is an incident where the operator does overload the equipment, the computer will bypass the system and completely shut down the equipment. The system will also keep track of the equipment usage and store it directly on the computer; it allows a supervisor or owner to easily verify the activity of the truck.

This is an exceptional vehicle and with all of its advantages and technological advancements, it can help to increase a company’s productivity and overall profitability. With adapted articulated crane technology, knuckleboom trucks can be considered as one of the best types of equipment in which a company can invest!