crane-truckHaving the right equipment for any job is what many times makes the difference between being profitable when it comes to almost any job, especially construction ones. When crews are forced to work with the wrong vehicles for the job to be done, it is a great waste of time and effort as well as being highly unsafe. Having the right knuckleboom trucks is so important, especially since many different types are available, each with its own specialties. While attachments do increase what these trucks can perform, attention still needs to be paid to whether or not the available equipment is really the needed type; if it is not, then that needs to change.

Different Types for Different Jobs

Though the basic idea with all boom trucks is the same with an extendable crane, either fixed or articulated, each to serve very different applications. Naturally the extension length of the boom will be dictated by the jobs that need to be done; however, boom type and length will dictate other vehicle specifications: how much the boom will need to lift and at what distance; and how small will be the typical working environment for maneuvering equipment in and out. Vehicle size and weight as well as attachments that can be used with each style depend on many job-related factors like lifting capacity, hydraulic power, and more. Knuckleboom trucks have become a popular favorite for most situations since it is highly versatile, which makes selecting the right one very critical.

Keep A Job Site Moving

Job efficiency is of prime importance to any construction or industrial crew; crews that are too slow or deal with a lot of equipment down time are going lose productivity which will certainly decrease each job’s profit margin as well. This should be a prime concern for equipment buyers when deciding which ones to actually purchase. Outfitting a former electrical truck to do heavy-duty forestry work isn’t a good idea, as an example. Understanding the job and the vehicle specifications necessary to complete that job should must be considered when selecting a truck to perform well, safely, and efficiently. Beyond even the safety factor, using the wrong knuckleboom trucks will add to the wear and tear on the vehicle and cause premature failure or higher maintenance and repair costs.

Keep A Job Site Safe

More than profitability, safety should always be a prime concern. Foremen and company owners should be confident about the safety of a crew by providing the right tools for a job. Cutting corners on the purchase of equipment lifts large loads, drills, moves earth and other amazing things does not work and could even result in fines and citations from OSHA for failure to protect employees on the job. Using a boom truck in the wrong job setting is a recipe for disaster and any appropriate legal ramifications.

The moral of the story is that even though the knuckleboom truck is a very useful and potentially versatile vehicle, the right unit must be chosen for the work to be done. Beyond the scope of approved attachments for a specific vehicle, each unit needs to be used within its capabilities and the uses that have been designated by the manufacturer. Be sure to research lift loads and heights; vehicle weight to prevent tip-overs, and all other safety information to help determine if a particular knuckleboom is the one that will get the job done. So safety problems can be avoided when the right truck is chosen – this is important to remember!

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