allterrainTry to imagine inventing a powerful robot with only stick-figure arms instead of moveable articulating arms. It would look pretty funny with some limited function because it could not bend its arms. Such a scenario is likewise possible when a customized lifting truck is needed at a work site. An operator needs something with: more direct control over a vehicle’s lifting arms; lighter weight; better design; and more power to name a few requirements. This is why customized knuckleboom trucks are just right for a business.


These vehicles have been misconceived as being inferior to pure crane trucks with robotic arms that only move in one direction – out. Speaking of robots, imagine the film ‘Transformers’ with the transforming vehicles-to-figures having only stationary boom arms and it can be seen how funny and inefficient that would be.

The same is true of knuckleboom trucks with moveable arms so an operator has more direct placement control. It is much lighter than a normal crane truck and better designed to carry payloads in its bed as well, coming in many sizes and configurations to suit the lifting needs of different industries. Smaller versions also do not require crane truck certification which is helpful. The boom length can be much shorter; it can have lower tonnage; and it can have a maximum capacity of 15,000 pounds with a maximum 25-foot boom. With such various options, a vehicle can be customized to fit many different businesses.

Industry Usage

The primary purpose of knuckleboom trucks is to transport heavy material from one location to another. With an outstanding ability to maneuver thanks to current technology, these trucks are present in almost every industry performing crucial tasks as shown below.

  • Building Construction – The vehicles are typically used to set up heavy concrete foundations as well as to carry massive material for roofing.
  • Electric and Telecommunications – The truck bed storage is typically used to transport power lines, giant spools, and transformers to name a few. At a job site, the vehicle’s powerful arm helps with the exact placement of material when control is mandatory.
  • Road Construction – From myriad application ranging from pre-cast concrete work to any pick-and-carry tasks, this vehicle fits all sorts of applications in different road building situations.
  • Manufacturing – With the right crane attachment, knuckleboom trucks are transformed into specialized machines that can handle any job such as placing wallboard or concrete forms or other general lifting duties.

Learning about boom truck specifications and understanding possible task applications makes it easier to select the best customized equipment for a company’s specific applications. Knowing the scope of a project to accomplish and specific operations can help determine just the right model and attachment needed for each separate job application – and make knuckleboom trucks right for almost any business!

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