Dump_Truck_WhiteIt is certainly difficult to ‘unlearn’ something that has become part of a core set of values, whether it be an individual or a business. This is happening with operators, supervisors, and business owners who have become stuck on using a crane truck with what is considered a more conventional winch line and stick boom. Considering what knuckleboom trucks offer to perform tasks requiring an extended reach, perhaps an extreme exposure to its skillfulness and power might overcome any hesitancy to buy this great truck.

New Design

Those clinging to the older-style crane truck argue that knuckleboom trucks are inferior because they lack a winch line. The fact is that a boom truck operator can have more direct control with a load since the material being carried materials cannot swing around. The vehicle is lightweight compared to its counterparts and yet better designed to handle more weight load. Generally, newer designed versions of this equipment have boom mounted directly between the truck;s cab and bed, which leaves and open area that can accommodate more loads. In addition, the smaller boom truck size may not require an operator to be certified as long as the weight capacity is under 15,000 pounds and a reach no longer than 25 feet.

Wider Functionality

Another myth about knuckleboom trucks held by crane truck owners in the United States is that lifting and weight capacity will be given up by not using a crane-type truck. The fact is that newer boom truck design is very impressive with its capacity and reach, key factors in the vehicle’s specifications. When considering purchasing one of these vehicles, the regular intended use of the vehicle should be determined, especially load capacity and reaching height. With this information and over 400 models available, buyers can be certain to find the right equipment to suit any business application.


Knuckleboom trucks are indeed very versatile and can be modified to perform a number of specialized type of tasks as indicated below.

  • Bucket or Platform – With add-ons, a boom truck can be turned into a lifting device holding tools and material needed by workers, coming in either a single or double size boom, whichever meets company requirements. Many shapes, sizes and features are available, each designed to efficiently accomplish any task. Hydraulic outriggers can also be added to provide extra stability on the job.
  • Concrete Pump – The construction industry uses this version to pump and apply concrete to specified areas. Equipped with a pumping mechanism and a specialized nozzle attached to the boom’s far end, the vehicle can be used in areas otherwise hard to reach. With an arm that can be extended up 230 feet, concrete material is pumped and then easily applied to any inaccessible area.
  • An advantageous feature of knuckleboom trucks – and the feature that provides its name – is the ability of the boom or arm to fold down upon itself, saving space for storage and allowing for safe highway travel with the boom. So with all of this in mind – light weight, greater load space, and increased lifting capacity – consider the purchase of this vehicle based on an extreme exposure to its many great uses!

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