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Knuckleboom trucks are trucks that have been fitted at the rear with a short and compact hydraulically-powered articulated arm or crane that is used for loading and unloading that vehicle and adaptable to countless work applications.

What are Knuckleboom Trucks?

A grapple truck, which is another name for knuckleboom trucks, is a loader truck that includes stabilizers or outriggers, a versatile clam-shell bucket, and a dump body mounted on a chassis. This vehicle comes in at least six different systems, allowing it to perform many different jobs.

Knuckleboom Trucks Crane

The knuckleboom trucks cranes are more versatile in handling an increased payload within a smaller range therefore fitting into smaller spaces than a straight boom crane truck. In no way will you give up weight or lifting capacity with a knuckleboom truck.

Another advantage of knuckleboom trucks is that one of the primary useable features, which is the crane, can stow away within itself into a compact size and small space and therefore free up other valuable cargo space. It can be configured to perform just about any imaginable job, from transferring products to removing debris from a job site.

How Do I Purchase Knuckleboom Trucks?

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