Almost on a daily basis, people come up with new and better ways to do things, and how to use already existing equipment. Knuckleboom trucks are a perfect example of equipment that is designed for a certain use, but expanding into other areas. One area, where boom trucks for sale are showing up more and more, is rescue work. Whether deciding on new or used boom trucks for sale, some rescue crews are finding that knuckleboom cranes are of great value to their life saving operations, helping crews complete their rescues in record time - when time is the most critical thing.

Saving Time, Means Saving Lives in Rescue Work

Trauma rescue is an extremely high stress occupation, reliant upon people able to act fast, in order to save lives. The goal of any rescue team is to get the injured victim to a trauma center within one hour of the incident. This means everyone has to work fast. Sometimes, even when a rescue team gets to the site quickly, performing the rescue itself can take precious minutes. Because of this, some rescue crews have decided to add new or used boom trucks for sale to their rescue fleet - realizing the amount of time these units could save in their rescue efforts!

Using Knuckle Booms to Aid Rescue

Currently, some rescue crews in San Diego, and throughout the State of California, have begun to incorporate small cranes into their water and land rescue training because of the fact this has proven the significant amount of time this equipment can offer in saving the lives of their victims. They are especially useful for taking rescuers to injured victims on cliffs and other heights, then moving these victims to safety to be taken care of by paramedics. By suspending baskets and cages to the level where victims have fallen, rescue times can be reduced by  as much as 60 percent - or more - according to crews using this equipment.

They are also used by other rescue crew members to facilitate difficult rescues where people - and even animals - are stranded at a difficult height, or who have fallen into holes, etc. New or used boom trucks for sale have become the "go-to" equipment in many rescues involving horses, cows, and other large animals that are stuck, or have fallen. Local rescuers continue to find other useful ways to use this equipment every day!

Knuckleboom Suitability for Rescue Work

What makes boom trucks for sale fitting for many different kids of rescue work, is the fact they are so strong and versatile. Due to their more compact size, can be quickly driven to an accident site. They can be operated in less space, and are highly maneuverable, while still being stable enough to lift everything from a person, to a car - and much more. They also have a higher load rating than many smaller, portable cranes do - giving rescuers much more needed strength. Best of all, the ways in which knucklebooms are able to help in a variety of rescue work, are well within OSHA standards for this equipment.

When the minutes are ticking, and a life is in danger, it is good to know that rescuers across the country are continually looking for better - and faster - ways to get to those in need. Knuckleboom trucks are an excellent example of how today’s industrial technology can be readily applied to even more use by civilians. Due to the help these vehicles offer in saving victims, rescue departments all over the country are beginning to expand their fleets by searching for boom trucks for sale. Whether considering new or used boom trucks for sale, no rescue squad is truly complete today without knuckleboom trucks as a part of that fleet!

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