The chill of winter is still in the air, but spring hurricane season is right around the corner! This is commonly a time when municipal clean-up and repair fleets are out in force, dealing with any damage left after winter storms. It is also one of the best times for municipalities to consider purchasing used boom trucks, to add to their current work fleet. Whether getting things in order for disaster preparedness, or searching for boom trucks for sale to expand work crews for the upcoming spring storm season, it is important to have essential repair items on hand so knuckleboom trucks can continue to perform properly, and reduce downtime when they are needed most.

Hydraulic Hose Repair Kits

When putting knuckleboom trucks to the test, a burst hose, or leaking hose fitting, is always a possibility. When this happens, the crane is useless until a repair is made. Having a hydraulic hose repair kit on board is essential, as it allows a work crew to make a fast, on-site hose repair and quickly get the crane back up and running again - without having to travel from the work site to pick up parts. In disaster response work, or storm damage cleanup - the time saved can be critical.  

Hydraulic O-Ring Seal Kits

If a leaky coupling or fitting is a problem, replacing the hose, onsite, is not always feasible - but a quick repair with an o-ring seal, is! All new or used boom trucks for sale should have a complete kit of o-ring seals on board, so no matter which hose has a problem, it can be sealed and the crane can continue with the job. Having a full range of seals available is essential, since these type of leaks are common when hydraulics are put under stress.

Extra Hydraulic Fluid and Filters

Whether there is a small coupling leak that is reducing hydraulic power, or a blown hose or coupling - repairing the source of the leak is only half the battle. Loss of hydraulic fluid zaps power from hydraulic equipment, and prevents knuckleboom trucks from performing the way they should. Leaks and hose damage is more likely to occur when equipment is pushed to the limits, such as in a disaster response. Carrying a few extra gallons of hydraulic fluid, and filters on board is the next essential step in getting a crane back up and running again after making hose or coupling repairs - or dealing with other minor leaks that reduce fluid levels, while the equipment is in use.

Extra Pole Tongs

On boom cranes - like digger derricks - pole tongs frequently become bent while in use. They are also quickly replaced on the job site. These cranes should always have a spare set or two of pole tongs on board for fast repairs, so they can get right back to work.

Extra Aerial Load Lines

Like pole tongs, load lines are also commonly damaged on the job. It is very dangerous to continue using these lines should they become frayed, or show any other damage, as this weakens their load bearing ability. To avoid being dependent on damaged lines or hooks, carrying extra lines on the truck - especially in times like disaster response, when they will see more use - is essential.

Although the above list may seem like common sense items to carry with on board knuckle boom trucks, "just in case, they quickly become essential items in a disaster response situation when there is no time to lose! Operators should be trained to make these minor, yet critical repairs to their new or used boom trucks, and always carry these spare items with them. When purchasing boom trucks for sale, be sure that any new additions to the fleet are stocked up with these, and other emergency gear and supplies before sending them out on the job - reducing the chance of a minor breakdown becoming a major problem!

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