dump-truck-salesPurchasing equipment such as a dump truck requires careful planning and consideration; it is available in so many sizes, configurations, and even features making the purchase a difficult task indeed. So what should be looked for when looking for the best dump truck sales results? Here are some aspects to guide buyers into finding the best vehicle to handle all required job duties.

It’s All About The Job

Deciding on which type of dump truck sales to buy from has to be determined based on what is required at the job site. Manufacturers build these vehicles with various specifications, capacities, and sizes so the right one can be chosen that is suitable for work needs. That makes job considerations the first point of reference for any decision when purchasing a dump truck.

For example, if the truck will mostly work at job sites with extremely rugged terrains, steep slopes, and mud, it would be ideal to buy an articulated dump truck. This unique design uses an articulated chassis that links the cab to the dump truck body via a large steel hinge to allow for better steering. The dump truck can then move more easily around job sites that are extremely rough and steep.

Using a dump truck with a stiff chassis at such job sites could lead to frequent breakdowns because of the extreme terrain; however, a dump truck with a stiff chassis would be most ideal for over-the-road use than the one with an articulated chassis because it is better equipped to maneuver and handle streets and highways.

Consider Weight Distribution

The full load capacity of the vehicle or the gross vehicle weight rating is another important aspect to consider. Public roads have an allowable weight limit per axle that is imposed to avoid damage to public roads; the heavy load carried by a dump truck could crack concrete roads and require frequent repairs and/or repaving. The maximum allowed weight for tandem axles is 34,000 pounds and 20,000 pounds for a single axle. Fewer axles mean lower carrying capacity as the weight would be focused on a smaller area of the concrete road.

More Power Doesn’t Mean Better

Engine size is another aspect of the buying consideration. Larger engines are usually preferred on dump trucks; however, more power doesn’t always mean that it is the best choice. Bigger engines come with a higher price and expensive maintenance – and may not have really been needed.

Instead of automatically getting the biggest engine, consider the terrain at the job site. If it is mostly flat, all that extra horsepower just isn’t needed. A smaller engine will consume less fuel, require less maintenance, and cost less to purchase. Of course, if the job site is mostly hilly, then a more powerful engine might be the best choice.

Parts Replacement

Breakdowns can happen even with new vehicles; breakdowns with commercial vehicles means down time and financial loss. So it is important to consider parts availability as part of the buying process, meaning that the availability of OEM replacement part at or near the site of operation for timely repair and replacement should be considered. If parts available aren’t available locally, be sure they can be shipped 24/7 to the job site.

Buying from a dump truck sales dealer takes careful planning and consideration. It is important to be sure that the vehicle is suitable for the job site, meeting the unique performance requirements at that location. Be sure to use this helpful information as part of what  to consider when buying a productive dump truck!

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