Yellow_dump_truckDump trucks are a vital part of the construction industry, perhaps the most dependable vehicle for hauling various types of loose construction material. The high walls surrounding the truck bed ensure being able to efficiently carry a full load with each trip. The hydraulically powered dump feature also ensures convenient and efficient unloading of any type of material. Because of its importance to the construction industry, investing in this vehicle is a wise decision which makes it very important to be sure of knowing the right specifications when searching dump truck sales.

Getting the right specifications is important in order to find a vehicle that will meet the needs of the jobs that will be performed. Learning and knowing the right specifications avoids overpayment for specifications that aren’t needed or choosing one that is not equipped to handle the jobs that will be done. Finding the right specifications when choosing between many at a tipper truck sales involves several factors that determine what will be required to make the best purchase.

Necessary Specifications

Dump trucks come with different options, such as level of power, size, design, capacity, and features that different between the various models. Here are some of the common components.

  • Engine Size – The engine is the power plant of the vehicle and its size determines the power output and capability to handle heavy loads. Most dump trucks use diesel engines for better efficiency and better torque. Engine size is measured in terms of liters, with an average truck engine having a 12-liter capacity that refers to the combined size of the cylinder block. The higher the capacity, the more powerful the engine since it has larger pistons to from which to draw power.
  • Load Volume – The load volume refers to the amount of load that the dump bed can hold. It is measured in cubic yards instead of weight, as weight varies depending on the density of the material being hauled.
  • Dump Bed Design – The bed type also varies, although most dump beds incline or dump to the rear. There are other variations such as the side dump that can unload from its side and a bottom dump which empties through the bottom of the bed to remove the load in a straight line.
  • Number of Axles – The number of rear axles is another option. Smaller dump trucks have a single rear axle that creates less drag and requires less maintenance; however, this option is best for lighter loads only. Larger capacity vehicles will need two or more axles for better traction and an even weight distribution.

Purchasing Criteria

When selecting from the various options, there are some criteria that can be used to make sure the dump truck be appropriate for the required work.

  • Usage – The first consideration is the use of the equipment. Smaller operations such landscaping then may only need a small single rear axle that will operate at a low cost and easily access small confined spaces. On the other hand, if the equipment is built for mining operations, it would be desirable to acquire an articulated dump truck with a higher load capacity and a powerful engine.
  • Load Capacity – The amount of load that can be handled is another consideration. The size of the bed must be large enough to accommodate an average load but not too large so that trips are made with only a partial load and result in inefficient operations.
  • Legal Load Limit – Public roads have weight limit restrictions, so the vehicle selected must not exceed any established load limits within the operations area. If hauling larger loads per trip is more efficient, select one with more axles as the weight is typically measured per axle. Having more axles will enable a truck to carry heavier loads.

Choosing the right options when purchasing from dump truck sales is important in order to ensure an efficient operation and maximized revenue returns. Having the right specifications for the job, as well as the right selection criteria, can make a big difference for any construction or material hauling company to be profitable!

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