Super dump trucks play a major role in the mining industry as this huge heavy equipmentDump_Truck_White transports raw material from a mining site to a processing facility. The normally used dump truck accommodates hundreds of tons of a payload made up of oil mixed with sand and is equipped to run on rough terrain roads. With such demanding tasks, it is important to have good quality tires that are usually gigantic wheels about 4 feet wide and 12 feet tall. These monstrous tires are extremely essential in the industry; in fact, an operation can be halted when the tires are broken.

Most mining fleets must handle heavy loads containing oil mixed with sand. The payload weigh up to 400 tons per load and travel an average distance of several miles from the mining site to the processing facility. It is not surprising that such work demands the best type of tire. A super dump trucks used in the mining industry demands for a more rugged tire than just the regular wheels used by other types of heavy equipment. Working conditions demand a tire built to run in many different types of terrain under both wet and dry conditions.

Major Challenges

The wheels used for super-sized dump truck in the mining industry are very specialized, created specifically to meet such industry demands. Here are two major challenges faced in the mining industry that affects this important job.

  • Cost – Imagine that a single tire can cost up to $60,000.00 and only last about 12 months. Each vehicle uses six at a time, so the math alone shows that a company must spend about $360,000.00 every year just to put tires on a super dump truck. Even for big companies, imagine what the cost would be to own a fleet with 50 of these used dump trucks that need such tires – how about $18 million dollars?
  • Availability – Recently, most of the demands for super sized tires are not being supplied because of market shortages caused by the soaring demand from entities such as the military and construction firms. Another contributing factor is the demand from countries with rapid industrialization growth such as India and China. The process to produce a single super-sized tire usually takes almost 24 hours or longer just for the curing process, taking 5 to 6 days to complete a set of six to be used for a single used dump truck.


Up Keep

Facing such major challenges, it is important to know how to take care of the wheels so reach its normal life expectancy. The air pressure on each wheel must be carefully monitored on a daily basis. The load being carried should not exceed the weight limit recommendation by the tire’s manufacturer.

For those industries that rely upon the super-sized dump truck and its equally large tire, it is important to be aware that current demand is exceeding the supplys – and a shortage of such wheels would gretly hinder operations and could actually cause a company to suffer large monetary losses if shut down due to lack of tires. It is indeed true that the mining industry cannot survive without them – and hopefully will be able to find them when the need arises!

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