It is essential to consider many factors about an item before it is purchased, particular when buying expensive,Dump_Truck_Brown heavy-duty equipment. While in the process of selecting such a vehicle, learning more about it is very important. So, before venturing out and looking for any dump truck sales, learn about the rich history of these machines.

Early History

Carts pulled by horses with dumping mechanisms were first used centuries before the gasoline or diesel engine was invented. The first equipment was a tub-like container with rear gates hinges; when loaded, the front door had to be locked to secure the cargo. Upon reaching its destination, the rear gates were opened and the cargo slid to the ground by gravitational force. This equipment was widely used by mines and railroads for hauling different types of material.

In 1900, this concept was connect with a larger flatbed, requiring two pairs of horses to operate. There were two drawbacks to this early concept: weight distribution and a front lock that discharged all of its cargo when it came loose .


The first dump truck engine known appeared in 1904. Though it was powered by an engine, the materials being unloaded from the bed still relied on gravity. Improvements were made shortly thereafter and hydraulic mechanisms started to replace gravitational force for unloading. The first equipment that ran with a steam engine and used an hydraulic hoist was invented by Robertson Steam Wagon. In 1907, another company from Glasgow created another vehicle with a hydraulic system operating with a steam engine.

Early Pioneers

Euclid was a well-known pioneering company in dump truck sales. Their vehicle was designed to be very heavyweight with a tractor wheel style that could best run off-road. It was called a “TrakTruck” and was engineered by George Armington in 1934. Shortly after that came another design, the IFD truck which was considered to be very heavy-duty as its weight capacity could reach up to fifteen tons.

Over the next couple of decades, there were many heavier and bigger types of heavy-duty equipment. In the United States, Bottom dump trucks were first introduced in 1950 including one made by Faun. This vehicle was designed to accommodate up to twenty tons of payload. A 600 horsepower engine was also introduced which was the biggest single engine for a dump truck at that time.


There are many different names and brands of dump trucks with dealerships across the globe. It is undeniable that dump trucks have played a big role in the development of many industries, making every task handled more efficient. The advent of computers created an even more modernized approach to solving issues and improving vehicle performance by increasing fuel mileage, cargo space and load capabilities. Manufacturers now include Ford, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Tata, Volvo, Wesco, Inernational, Hino Motors, Ltd. and many more.


Most historical events have an effect on current times. When looking for dump truck sales, let it serve as a reminder that the ancestors of this mighty machine all contributed to its success in many industries!

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