A dump truck is the best equipment to use for the heavy-duty task of transporting material such as gravel, sand,Dump_Truck_Sales asphalt, etc. It is still no easy task to attempt to sell a used dump truck without some sort of prior experience in this, especially if the goal is to sell and replace just he dump bed. One of the best ways to avoid any stress over this is to sell them through dump truck sales dealers.

Dump Bodies – Sell or Recycle

Before attempting to sell a dump body, it is important to consider all the variables. Economically, fleet companies must consider the potential loss in selling only the cab and chassis, since selling a complete older dump truck will yield at least one-third more profit. Most big fleet companies find that refurbishing the under-bridge of a truck while recycling the dump body from another truck and putting those parts together allows the vehicle to be sold for a fair price. This refurbished equipment is viable on the market since used vehicles are fifty percent cheaper when compared to the purchase price of $400,000 for a new model. The refurbishing process includes sending the vehicle back to its original manufacturer for a level upgrading.

The typical bodies of these vehicles are made of fiberglass and usually cost around $15,000 each; so recycling them is a wise choice to make. These bodies are easy to handle since they are lightweight and of a manageable size. In addition, they do not rust and generally stay in good shape for a longer time. Dump beds are relatively easy to bolt to the back of a cab and chassis since they do not have hydraulics or any other items that need to be transferred.

Selling Used Dump Trucks

At any given point, a company may decide to sell their old fleet and replace them with new ones. Selling these used vehicles requires a lot of effort for most fleet managers. The seller must be knowledgeable and work hard to find a niche to sell these used vehicles.

If undertaking this task, the first step is to hire a licensed mechanic to inspect the vehicles and provide a written report about the condition of each vehicle. Most potential buyers usually ask to have their own mechanic conduct an inspection of the vehicle; however, if a written report of the truck’s condition is available, this step by a potential buyer may be unnecessary. When a report like this is available at a dump truck sales, dealer, it makes the selling process faster for both buyer and seller. It also indicates what issues need to be addressed after the buyer concludes the purchase.

The next step would be to display the equipment that is being sold. This means that the vehicle needs to be clean, all necessary fluids filled, and any minor repairs completed. Then list the vehicle for sale in newspaper ads or publish it on the web. When publishing, make sure to have a clear asking price and whether it is being sold for the “best offer” or “as is.” Also be sure to include in the publication the dimensions of the vehicle and the load limit.

Once a prospective buyer is found, it is time for the truck to be shown. If a test drive is requested, be sure that the prospective buyer has the proper licenses to drive such a vehicle. It is also a good idea to show to the buyer how the truck bed functions, as this is just as important to the overall condition of the vehicle as the engine is. If the buyer is paying by cash or a cashier’s check, be sure the dump truck sales agreement is in writing. Lastly, the sale must be finalized through the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Fleet managers need to know about all the variables involved with dump truck sales in order to make the sale a profitable transaction. Dump bodies can be recycled and used with another cab when being sold; this will increase the sale price of the entire vehicle. So it is true that it can be very beneficial to both a seller and a buyer to recycle those dump bed bodies!