Dump_Truck_SalesThere are many things that need to be considered when buying a dump truck. While dump trucks have a single purpose which is to haul various loads, dump trucks do come in different configurations depending upon the intended purpose of the design. So when looking for dump truck sales, know the things to look for before making a purchase.

Questions to Answer

Here are some of the important questions buyers must consider when purchasing a dump truck.

What is the purpose of the truck? – The first and most important question a buyer should ask is: ‘what is the purpose of the truck’. The answer to this question will be the major basis of what to look for in dump truck sales. For example, if the buyer will be using the dump truck for heavy loads, then a dump truck with a tandem axle is more suitable for such work conditions.

The technical aspects of the purchase will be based upon the purpose of the truck. The bed size is a consideration based upon the intended purpose of the truck. The size of the engine is determined by usage. For example, if the hauling job will be done over terrain with steep slopes, a larger engine and transmission that is suitable for such terrain will definitely be needed. On the other hand, if the dump truck will be used on highways and paved roads, a large engine will only give the owner higher operating costs!

What is the budget? –The buyer’s budget is another major factor in the purchase. There is always the option between a brand new dump truck and a used dump truck. A brand new dump truck is no doubt the most reliable one to purchase; however, it is also the most expensive to buy. Used dump trucks can offer buyers a wide range of prices from which to choose. Pricing is dependent upon the truck’s condition, mileage, and prior specific usage. Again, as in the prior purpose example, a dump truck that was used over rough terrain as opposed to city streets will have faced some very tough usage that miles alone cannot accurately reflect. If a buyer has a good eye for spotting quality used trucks, it is possible to find some dump truck sales deals on a barely used truck with very low mileage.

What are the state’s legal limits? – Another important factor that would affect the purchase is the local DOT regulations. It is common for states to impose regulations on dump trucks and the number of regulations set on dump trucks varies from one state to another. Usually the regulations deal with the number of axles and the weight distribution on each individual axle. Buyers need to find out the regulations in the area where the dump truck will be operated before buying a dump truck as it would be imperative to buy a dump truck that meets the regulations of the particular state in which it will be operated.

Are replacement parts available locally? – Another relevant question that buyers need to ask is whether replacement parts and authorized service centers are available locally. Dump trucks are driven in heavy and intense conditions; experiencing break-downs is always a possibility. When such an event happens, it is vital to get the damaged part replaced immediately and get the truck back in service as quickly as possible. Having the necessary parts and expert mechanics available at the work location is a huge advantage.

These are a just a few of the important questions that buyers should consider before purchasing from dump truck sales. The answer to these questions will be valuable criteria upon which buyers can base their purchasing decision when choosing and buying a dump truck for their business!