dump-truck-salesOne important aspect that always puzzles the mind of dump truck operators is the rising cost of vehicle insurance. Many things impact the amount that should be paid for the necessary coverage on various types of vehicles found at dump truck sales. Statistically, rates are based on the operator’s exposure to various risks. The more exposure an operator has to these risks, the higher the insurance premium.

A few risks affecting premiums are: age of the driver; experience of the driver; truck specifications; types of material being transported; hauling distance; and credit rating of the business. For business owners to save a great deal of money, it is important to be aware of all the risks affecting insurance rates.

Before settling on a high-priced insurance premium, find out about the risks and factors that impact dump truck insurance rates. Being knowledgeable about this will help a business find the best insurance rates possible.

Driving Record

Currently, the experience of the driver carries the most weight in keeping insurance rates low. Drivers who have good driving records and do not violate traffic rules and regulations will be eligible for lower insurance rates. If drivers working for the company maintain clean driving records, it is more likely that insurance companies will offer better insurance plans with lower costs.


Insurance companies offer lower premiums to drivers who are 24 years of age and older. The age of the driver is considered to be one of the most important factors in the cost of truck insurance coverage. Statistical studies show that older drivers are more responsible while driving on the road which translates into lower insurance rates because they are less likely become involved in accidents. Older drivers pose a lower accident risk than younger drivers who lack the driver discipline of older drivers.

Hauling Distance and Material Type

Insurance companies also concentrate on the distance the truck travels and the materials that are transported. A dump truck that travels on well-built roads with good surroundings has short travel distances and carries nonhazardous cargo will usually get better premiums in comparison to dump trucks that travel long distances and haul hazardous material. Therefore, traveling shorter distances and hauling safer material can provide a better level of coverage and lower insurance costs.

Truck’s Specifications

Another way to lower insurance costs is the truck itself. The composition of a truck, its capacity and gross vehicular weight (GVW) is also important in determining insurance premiums. Higher gross vehicular weight means higher insurance premiums. Adequate maintenance programs also help in decreasing insurance rates. Therefore, always check the brakes, steering wheel, tires and the entire engine. If these things are in good working condition, a dump truck owner should be able to obtain lower rates when it comes to insurance premiums.

Since dump trucks are commonly utilized in hauling heavy material and face rigorous driving on the road, adequate insurance coverage is a necessity. Before buying from dump truck sales, be sure to do competent research to gain knowledge about the different types of trucks available for purchase. A buyer should compare insurance quotes from many commercial insurance companies to find the lowest rates possible for the vehicle being purchased. Since insurance prices can vary a great deal from company to company, it is important to lower that dump truck insurance premium by finding good yet low-priced coverage to keep that necessary business cost as low as possible!