Dump trucks are one of the most typical models of tipper trucks commonly seen in the construction and mining industries. This piece of equipment has been very helpful toDump_Truck_Sales construction crews when hauling building materials that are quite heavy. With the ability to lift its dump bed to an angle that allows the contents to empty without any additional effort is the main reason why this equipment is commonly used to haul construction materials such as asphalt, sand, earth and gravel.

If a company is in the process of looking for dump truck sales that will best suit their business’s needs, it is imperative that the business owner has a sufficient knowledge of tipper truck models. They will then be able to understand why these particular types of vehicles are the best type of equipment to acquire for their company.


When attending any dump truck sales, a business owner may encounter several different tipper truck designs on the market; however, all of the basic components of this vehicle are more or less the same. Generally, the main body of the vehicle is based on the body of the flatbed of a truck. There is an axle underneath the cab and anywhere from one to three axles underneath the dump bed.

The dump truck uses a hydraulic system for its unloading mechanism rather than a pneumatic system to prevent problems with compression. The dump box has a tailgate that is hinged on top, and during dumping it can be opened automatically with a control inside the cab. These vehicles generally require a large internal combustion engine and can be fueled by either gasoline or diesel.

Different Types

There are several brands and numerous designs of dump trucks that are available on the market. All of them can be classified into four different types:

  • Site – This may be the smallest type of dump truck that can provide quick unloading of materials. Standard versions of this type of vehicle have two-axle trailers and usually use a tractor to move it. Compared to other types of these vehicles, this version has more tipping resistance.
  • Standard – These types of dump trucks are a very common design that features a truck chassis on which a dump body is mounted. Six-wheelers and ten-wheelers are the typical versions that fall into this category.
  • Transfer – A type of standard dump truck that has a trailer attached to it is commonly called a transfer model. The trailer has a box which can be loaded with different types of materials and is equipped with a box type container, or the B box, which can be powered hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically. The B box rides on the trailer frame of the main dump truck box, which is also referred to as the A box. A transfer model has the capacity to carry additional loads while maintaining maneuverability. Another variation of this vehicle is the triple transfer train in which two additional trailing box-like containers are pulled behind the main vehicle which increases the capacity of the equipment.
  • Super – This is an enormous type of dump truck that can carry a weight of 26 tons or more in a load and is very popular with the open mining industry. These super tipper trucks far exceed the standard model’s loading capacity, productivity and cost.

Searching for Dump Truck Sales

There are several different ways that a business owner can look for dump truck sales, including visiting commercial trucking websites; attending a construction forum; finding an auction; or going to the nearest reputable commercial vehicle dealer within the area of the business. Making the right business decision to purchase a used dump truck can be a little challenging; however, with adequate time to look, a business owner can have a favorable experience with a positive outcome.

The dump truck or tipper truck as it is called overseas is one of the most beneficial trucks that have been designed. From the smallest version to the huge super tipper trucks, this all-purpose construction truck can be the answer to many business owners hauling needs!