Dump_Truck_SalesDump trucks such as those purchased as dump truck sales are commercial vehicles fitted with a well-designed dump body that can pivot at the rear; this allows it to sweep along an arc to dump its contents to a specific location. Sizes vary depending on the capacity of each vehicle. Heavy-duty versions of this vehicle are used where large loads need to be moved and are greatly used in construction, mining and harbors.

Dump trucks are relatively expensive and therefore should be maintained to avoid any unnecessary deterioration. With proper upkeep, these vehicles can provide many years of valuable service. To accomplish such a goal, all systems such as the engine, power train, steering, hydraulic systems and body structure should be properly functioning normally in order to achieve maximum vehicle efficiency.

Before the vehicle is used, certain basic preservation practices should be accomplished that will keep the truck safely functioning and reduce the potential for problems or even accidents that could shorten the life expectancy of the dump truck, as that span is directly proportionate to the quality of maintenance as well as normal operating conditions.

Preventive Maintenance

Following is a list of components that should be regularly inspected and any deviations from normal immediately handled.

  • Body welds
  • Engine lubricator oil level
  • External lubrication
  • Telescopic hydraulic cylinder
  • Wheels and steering linkages
  • Entire electrical system
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Brakes
  • Gauges and meters
  • Horns and safety devices
  • Hydraulic drain reservoirs
  • Coolant level and hoses

Wear Management

When any type of wear or deviation is observed during a regular inspection of any vehicle obtain at dump truck sales, the cause of the defect must be determined. When the source is found, measures should be taken correct the problem or deficiency to avoid any worsening problem or damage. This is the essence of wear management – to maintain the vehicle by eliminating deficiencies whose sources have once affected the truck in the past.

Breakdown Maintenance

This involves repairs on components that have already failed. Of course this is not the preferred operational method; however, it is a fact that parts do fail during operation. So this procedure involves a careful analysis of the failed part in order to make a determination of whether repair is possible or replacement is the only option.

Operational Maintenance

One operational consideration that should be avoided is overloading as various components could be stressed above allowable design limits and failure could result. Another operational consideration is safety while working, which could include: never working under the dump bed while it is raised; knowing how to put out a fire in the dump bed, and being observant of any sights or sounds of the vehicle while working that are not normal.

With all the above measures taken into account, it should become evident that maintenance of vehicles obtained from dump truck sales keeps them in top operational shape!

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