Crane Trucks

Many of today’s crane trucks are used for both on and off-road jobs. The fact that these vehicles can easily commute between work sites to get equipment where it needs to be without the use of a flatbed is what makes them so great. It also brings up the important question about which tires are suitable for new and used crane trucks. Choosing the wrong tires can negatively affect the versatility of these, causing the equipment to get stuck or increasing operating expenses while being driven on the road. Work fleets require a tire that best meets the greatest needs of that fleet.

Work Truck Tires See Double Duty

Like many other types of fleet work trucks, crane trucks tend to operate on two completely different surfaces. They drive on the highways to work sites, then end up traveling some distance off road to get to the exact place where the crane is required. In both instances, the right tires can make a significant difference in having the ability to get the crane to the work site and keep operating expenses lower.

Treads made for mud and rough terrain drastically reduce fuel efficiency, wear and tear, and overall handling, which makes them unsuitable for highway use. Conversely, highway tires do not stand a chance off road in anything besides basically dry and level conditions. Getting the most use and greatest efficiency from trucks designed to travel on both of these surfaces means analyzing howthe vehicle is used, then deciding on a tire to suit both purposes.

Considerations When Choosing Tires

There will never be a tire designed for work trucks that are driven both on the highway and off road that will be completely ideal for either circumstance. Therefore, the goal when attempting to equip both new and used crane trucks with the right tire must be to find a tire that performs well enough in both circumstances and will make it as efficient as possible. Following are some of the things to look at when purchasing these tires:

  • Consider the Application - The first thing to consider when looking into the best combination tire for crane trucks and similar equipment is to think about where and how the vehicle is used the majority of the time. A need should be set based on the conditions usually encountered and the challenges these applications present in terms of driving both on and off site.
  • Assign Priorities - After determining how the truck is used and the conditions it is likely to encounter, a list of priorities that must be met should be created. Priorities may be as simple as providing the best performance on both surfaces regardless of cost or more detailed to include specifications relating to fuel efficiency, cost of vehicle maintenance, tire cost, and many other concerns. Determining what is important in a tire for a specific truck helps in narrowing down the options.
  • Research and Monitor the Options - Using a list of priorities and details concerning how a truck is used, suitable work tire options should be researched. Look into their track record and reviews. In addition, a company may want to utilize tire performance monitoring software to gauge how their combo tire choice is performing across the board. This data removes much of the guesswork in deciding if a tire is a good fit for the application, helping companies to make better tire choices in the future.

On many work vehicles like crane trucks, tires need to be tough, with treads that provide improved off road traction. Yet they must also be streamlined enough to perform well on the pavement when equipment is driven from job to job. A balanced combination that provides ability where it is needed, without completely sacrificing efficiency, is the necessary solution. Finding this solution requires fleet managers who equip both new and used crane trucks to have a detailed understanding of what their trucks must do and where, along with other job-related details. Researching these needs ahead of time increases the chance that the vehicles will perform satisfactorily in both situations!

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