Are You in the Market for a Quality Commercial Truck Used?

bucket-truckCommercial trucks include a broad category of trucks; basically it includes any truck that is used for a commercial or business purpose. Of course we tend to think of the heavy-duty dump trucks, bucket trucks, and crane trucks for the most part when we think about this category, especially when looking for commercial truck used sales information.

What are Commercial Truck Used?

Commercial trucks are classified based on their gross vehicle weight rating. The classes range from 1 to 8 and range in weight form 1 lb. in Class 1 to over 33,000 lbs. in Class 8. Any commercial truck in Class 7, or 26,001 pounds on up require a commercial driver’s license to operate them.

Prior to the Class Ratings, the early light-duty trucks were rated by their payload capacity in tons. This led to more familiar names such as the Ford-250 or the Chevy 20/GMC 2500. As payload capacities increased, the ton title has stayed the same on these vehicles, indicating nothing more than just a truck name.

Whatever type of commercial truck used you are looking for, you need the services of a reputable, customer-oriented dealer in quality reconditioned trucks that will fit your business needs.

Why Use Central Trucks Sales for Commercial Truck Used

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