All types of utility crews daily depend on the safety of bucket trucks to service and repair electric and telecommunication lines. Bucket trucks services must rely on dependable new and used bucket trucks companies to provide the best bucket trucks for sale to increase their fleets and protect the safety of their employees. As any bucket truck operator knows, working around live power lines is extremely dangerous and requires the greatest amount of safety in every operation.

Manufacturer and OSHA Safety Guidelines

With electric line work in particular, OSHA provides extensive guidelines on how to properly perform such work, from the actual operation of the bucket truck to proper safety procedures and precautions. Every bucket truck also has a factory manual that outlines safe and efficient operation of the truck and its equipment. This manual includes all manufacturer guidelines, OSHA vehicle operation guidelines, and safety procedures. The purpose of this manual is to create good work standards around live power lines to keep workers safe. It also means taking external factors, such as weather, into consideration. Work should be rescheduled or postponed until there is no rain, since electrical current is much more conductive in wet or damp weather.

Line Clearance Regulations

It is essential for any company that has used new or used bucket trucks to allow employees who work on, or near, live power lines to properly train their employees about correct operation and safety procedures, especially regulations concerning line clearance. Bucket trucks services performed at heights around live wires must require operators to work a minimum of ten feet from any live electric line to ensure their safety and reduce the risk of contact with live wires. When the current is greater than 50 kV, that distance must be increased to ten feet, plus an additional four inches per kV. If the required work must be carried out at a closer distance than these regulations, OSHA requires that arrangements be made for the electric service at those lines to be turned off before any work is performed.

Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Buying the best bucket trucks for sale is the first requirement in keeping safe while working on or around live power lines; taking proper care of those trucks is next. It is essential that these vehicles receive the required maintenance to reduce any chance of equipment failure that could result in a devastating accident. Besides maintenance, all operators should be well-trained in vehicle safety inspections, both before and after the boom truck is used. Reducing the chance of equipment failure that can turn deadly is an important part of every bucket truck operator’s responsibility, both for themselves and their co-workers safety.

Bucket truck services that work on or near live electric wires must take every precaution to protect employees from accidental contact with those wires. This requires having reliable new or used bucket trucks, as well as proper training and adherence to safety rules and regulations from workers. Using only the best bucket trucks for sale is an essential part of a complete safety program that is certainly what every company should adopt to keep operators safe at all times!

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