Anyone who performs work at great heights is at significant risk for a fall unless the right measures are taken to prevent or stop this from happening. This applies to anyone who works on any type of equipment that raises them up, including bucket trucks. Whenever working with new or used bucket trucks for sale, an operator must utilize the best methods available to keep themselves safe. More importantly, they must also ensure they are using this equipment correctly, or the risk is still present. Even a company who purchases vehicles from the best bucket trucks company must be sure to provide their crew with the necessary fall prevention gear before sending them out to work.

Fall Prevention and Protection Requires Preparation

A company that uses trucks with a raisable boom must not only provide the most current fall protection safety gear for their crews, but also provide training. Such instruction should include how to properly use the gear, company safety policies regarding fall prevention, and the correct usage of all work equipment. Incorrect fall protection is just as dangerous as not working with any fall protection at all.

Fall Protection Requires Planning

When operating new or previously owned lift trucks, there are various methods of fall prevention and protection that can be used. Getting the most safety from these methods includes understanding some basic principles to prevent equipment failure:

  • Full Body Harnesses vs. Belts – While a fall prevention belt can be used to prevent a fall, it should never be used alone, since by themselves belts can cause severe injury should a worker fall. Full body harnesses are required fall protection, as they have the design and strength to halt a fall safely, without causing injury. These two items can be worn together; the belt should never be used alone.

  • Correct Fit – All harnesses and belts must be correctly fitted to the individual, or there is a risk they could fall out should an accident happened.

  • Anchoring The most professional bucket trucks businesses say a safe anchoring point for any restraint cable must be capable of holding the weight of a small car to provide enough strength should someone fall. Additionally, it is essential that cables be anchored in a place where they cannot encounter sharp objects or edges that could sever them.

  • Fall Arrest Planning – Preventing injury or death as the result of a fall from boom trucks with a bucket also requires correct planning to prevent a fall. This means knowing height to ground distances so restraint cables are short enough, being aware of the work area in terms of the potential pendulum effect, and understanding all mechanics in relation to a possible fall before that one should happen, to allow for proper arrest planning to be put into place.

  • Rescue Planning – Just like fall arrest planning, rescue planning must also be done prior to a fall taking place. If a fall is stopped, there must already be a viable plan in place to rescue the worker. Employees should be well-trained on how to handle these situations under various scenarios as part of their training on how to prevent or protect themselves from falls.

It is important to remember how essential it is to train workers not only in safety procedures regarding fall protection when working with bucket trucks, but also how to plan ahead for various situations. Correct use of safety gear, along with a good protection plan, is how lives are saved when operating new or used bucket trucks for sale. When buying bucket trucks for a fleet from the best bucket trucks company, do not forget about outfitting each vehicle with the right fall prevention and protection gear, then ensuring that all workers understand how to use it properly for maximum benefits. Being sure all work is done safely at heights is up to the work crews and their compliance with safety procedures – and use of the right fall protection equipment!

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