There is no denying it – industrial equipment like boom trucks are very expensive. This makes maintaining a useful fleet of such vehicles difficult for the average small boom truck company. Yet this equipment is essential for business growth, so a business must determine a way to purchase decent boom trucks for sale. Price alone isn’t always the most critical factor when determining what to buy. Whether looking for new units, or searching for the best vehicles available from long-standing used boom truck dealers, a company can get more for their money by considering all buying options and determining their actual return on investment.

What Is the Actual Need?

Before adding any more boom trucks to a work fleet, it is essential for a business to carefully determine whether they actually need more trucks, or if the perceived need can be alleviated in another way. Does the need for more equipment exist because there is too much work and not enough trucks to do it, or is an inability to keep up with work due to poor resource management? Is the company having to rent additional units more frequently to get work done? Are there older, outdated and inefficient units that should be replaced?

Answering these questions is an essential part of understanding whether there is an actual need for more equipment, or if there are other options available to get the work done. If there is actual business growth, and a well-managed fleet is having trouble keeping up, the purchase of additional boom trucks for sale may be warranted to keep up with such growth. When lack of good management is the culprit, adding an additional expense on top of that could reduce profitability, rather than increase it.

What Is the Cost of Ownership?

Cost of ownership is another critical aspect that a company needs to think about when deciding if adding more boom trucks to their fleet is possible. Based on price, whether equipment is new or used, financing options, projected maintenance costs, life expectancy, and technological efficiency, what will it cost a business in the long run? Will the higher price of a new truck actually increase productivity, or will a certified used one provide a greater return? Will buying a lower priced unit that can be replaced more quickly help or hurt a budget? Cost of ownership will differ based on specific units, and individual circumstances.

Need Versus Cost of Ownership

A good return on investment (ROI) depends on more than just an affordable price tag. Realistically speaking, ROI can be higher even when the initial price is higher, based on anything from the cost of ownership and financing options, to the necessity and efficiency of the equipment. Every purchase consideration, whether new or used, must be carefully analyzed to determine how much financial sense it makes in the grand scheme of things – regardless of the actual price tag. Price alone should never be the determining factor when buying boom trucks, rather a part of the total purchase decision – based on cost of ownership and ROI.

With good planning and careful analysis of fleet productivity and equipment need, any boom truck company can come out on top by looking for the most affordable new and used boom trucks for sale that fit their operation. Experienced used boom truck dealers understand the importance of operation cost and ROI, even with lower-priced units, and can help a business find the boom trucks needed for increased productivity and profitability!

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