Of all the work equipment that really delivers for its size, none are more valuable than compact boom trucks, like knuckleboom trucks. Handling multiple jobs at once, these smaller-sized cranes offer a lot for the money, making compact boom trucks a great investment for the company that needs to do the most, with the least. When shopping for boom trucks for sale at new or used boom trucks dealers, consider the many benefits of working with smaller boom and crane trucks - such as knuckleboom trucks!

Multi-Purpose Performance

The main benefit knuckleboom compact boom cranes offer for any job is that one truck performs multiple jobs - sometimes making additional equipment unnecessary. With impressive lifting capacity for its size, compact crane storage, increased maneuverability and a smaller design, these new or used boom trucks can fill many needs, easily becoming the backbone of an operation, and the "must-have" trucks for any work fleet. With reduced equipment needs, and trucks that can do it all, a company can save money in many ways.

Smaller, Compact Design

The fact that compact boom trucks fit so much into a smaller package is also significant. Not only are these vehicles smaller and lighter overall, but they have a lower profile, which is essential when lifting. They can also be used in smaller spaces. This is especially important for utility and other municipal work, since blocking roads with bigger equipment is inefficient. Besides this fact, larger equipment frequently requires operators to have a commercial driver’s license, or it must be hauled to the work sites. Compact new or used boom trucks for sale are an all-in-one design that stay within the limits faced when performing many types of work. This increases efficiency and safety all around.

Greater Payload and Lifting Capacity

Another benefit to the compact design of both the crane and the entire truck, boom trucks such as knucklebooms have the space and payload capacity for equipment and supplies right onboard. Additionally, due to the boom design, these compact, collapsible cranes are much stronger for their size than most other comparable equipment. With both the hauling capacity and built-in equipment, the convenience speaks for itself. Compact boom trucks are one self-sufficient vehicle that can do the work of two or three.

Better, More Advanced Controls

Since compact boom trucks have become such a staple in many industries, due to their versatility and utility, there is continued focus on improving the technology - especially equipment controls. Today, compact boom trucks are available with everything from standing and seated controls, to remote and wireless controls. This offers work crews the greatest variation for safe and efficient operation, in a variety of work situations.

Before spending the equipment budget this year on any number of separate vehicles to handle a variety of lifting, moving and carrying jobs, consider new or used compact boom trucks first. As the popularity and usefulness of these vehicles has grown, so has the selection of quality boom trucks for sale at reputable used boom trucks dealers. Many companies can benefit from the important qualities these knucklebooms and other types of compact boom trucks have to offer! 

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