In today’s world of so many different work trucks, it is easy to forget about the little guys – the support trucks that keep the big ones moving. Fuel and lube trucks are one such vehicle; like every other work truck, they have seen advancements thanks to new technology that can make them more useful. Fleet buyers looking to keep their fleet updated should also consider adding a few new or used fuel and lube trucks for sale to the roster. By rounding out the work fleet, jobs can be done with little downtime – and efficiency remains at its highest.

How Do Fuel and Lube Trucks Help?

Behind the scenes of any construction site or job requiring heavy machinery, there must be a way to fuel work trucks to keep them moving. Although fuel and lube trucks may not be an immediate consideration when thinking about work trucks, without them the job simply could not be done. Bringing fuel to the equipment is an obvious necessity; however, how to accomplish this is just as important.

New Technology in Fuel Delivery

Efficiency is crucial to stay ahead in the business world. This is true for everything from digging and lifting equipment, to other types of power equipment – all of which run on some type of fuel and require frequent lubrication to maintain efficiency. By using the latest concepts in work and service truck technology, the best used fuel and lube trucks for sale can deliver much more than just fuel. These vehicles have also become an asset in keeping track of equipment performance and troubleshooting:

  • DEF Delivery Tank ImprovementsFuel trucks that deliver diesel fuel are increasingly being equipped with plastic heated tanks to help combat colder temperatures. This prevents diesel fuel from gelling while inside the tank, when can prevent downtime due to clogged fuel lines. It is so helpful to deliver warm fuel so the truck can get back to work right away.

  • Telematic Systems – Entire fleets of fuel and lube trucks are monitored with telematics as part of an equipment-monitoring plan that provides detailed refueling and lubing information through a programmed telematic system. Based on fuel and lube consumption, fleet managers can determine which vehicles may be using more resources, indicating there might be a problem or that maintenance is needed.

  • Power Pumping – Today’s fuel and lube trucks carry stand-alone, air-powered pumps to reduce vehicle idling when refueling equipment. This reduces fuel consumption, helps adherence to stricter emissions standards without sacrificing pumping performance, and reduces depreciation on delivery trucks while increasing efficiency.

  • Customization Fuel and lube trucks are no longer just a fuel tank on wheels. With the addition of independent pump power and the ability to deliver multiple types of fuel to the same job site, fuel and lube truck manufacturers are outfitting these vehicles for certain job requirements based on industry feedback. Additions such as longer hoses, an ability to carry tools and equipment, heated diesel tanks or lube bodies, and other job-specific bodies are becoming the norm – all in the name of better efficiency.

With improved technology and innovation entering the world of fuel and lube trucks, fleet buyers must know what is available. When searching for the best used fuel and lube trucks for sale, finding the right truck for the job makes everyone’s job easier and increases efficiency and profitability!

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