Bucket trucks are one of the most useful work trucks available for a wide array of applications. With their popularity, there are ongoing developments to improve these trucks to make them safer and more efficient. When searching for the best used bucket trucks for sale, buyers should be aware of the newer technology available, so they do not pass up a great deal and the chance to get a more updated truck into their fleet!

Today’s Bucket Truck

What began in the early 1900’s as a truck with a simple lift bucket has become much more. Bucket trucks are one of the most popular work trucks made – and a utility or service worker’s most important tool. These vehicles do much more than lift operators to work on utility poles or trees – they save lives. With the latest safety and control technology available in both new and used bucket trucks for sale, today’s linesmen and landscapers can do more than ever from their buckets, increasing efficiency and safety for all who use them.

Bucket Truck Improved Features

Since the work bucket trucks have become more complicated, the ones with more innovative design are answering the call. Many of these design improvements are based on the development of more useful and efficient storage options, increased safety, and better job efficiency overall. Following are features to take into consideration when looking for the best used bucket trucks for sale:

  • Custom Tool Storage – Based on job needs and the tools and supplies necessary to do it right, today’s new and used bucket trucks can be customized just like general service trucks. This is a great benefit to the various companies that use them, as many outfit their trucks for a specific job, ensuring every vehicle is equipped the same. The transition from truck to truck will be less problematic for operators, allowing them to always find what they need exactly where they are used to finding it.

  • Bucket Storage Options – Efficient storage inside buckets also continues to improve, with compartments, hooks, and specific areas for different types of tools and supplies.

  • Ergonomics – By making buckets more ergonomic to include an interior step for entering and exiting the bucket as well as swivel capabilities, the need to stretch and reach is drastically reduced – and the possibility of falling out of the bucket significantly lowered.

  • Load Lifting Jibs – Many new or used bucket trucks found for sale now include load-lifting jibs built onto the boom or bucket that can lift as much as a ton. These are extremely helpful in safely getting equipment or parts to where they are needed without needing additional operators or equipment.

Improvements in Safety Technology

The most important improvements made on today’s new or used bucket trucks for sale are those related to safety, specifically regarding boom control conductivity and maneuverability. Buckets are more ergonomic and easier to maneuver, swivel, and control – both from within the bucket and on the ground via remote control.

The industry has seen advancements in protective, non-conductive equipment – such as better fiberglass boom casings and rods that prevent the entire boom from becoming energized if it contacts a live wire. New ideas in polymer casings, coatings, and other more effective current blockers are released every year, resulting in a safer work environment for new or used bucket truck operators and those who work around them.

When looking for productive used bucket trucks for sale, buyers seeking to add one or more good units to fleets must know what options and safety features they need. As more improved designs are released, any company can improve vehicle quality and safety by replacing outdated models with updated bucket truck technology!

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