Preventive maintenance is key for any type of vehicle, especially bucket and other types of knuckleboom trucks. Because of how these vehicles are used, keeping them in top condition is critical for operator safety and efficiency. Buyers should also look for good maintenance records when seeking the best used knuckleboom trucks for sale in order to buy the right truck.

Importance of Maintenance

It is generally agreed that a truck lasts longer when it is well maintained, which certainly makes it more reliable for operators and customers. Used knuckleboom trucks that are sold often have a combination of great equipment features; however, unless they have been well maintained, they can be more headache than help.

A properly maintained truck is especially important for the safety of operators who use them. Since many of these vehicles are found in the utilities industry, good maintenance is essential for those who work from elevated buckets with live electrical lines. Mechanical failure could mean disaster.

Maintenance Challenges

Performing routine maintenance can be a challenge, particularly for a smaller company; there may not be a budget for in-house mechanics. A shoestring budget means all trucks need to be on the road every day. It is crucial that a truck get needed regular maintenance, as this is the best way to prevent an unexpected breakdown, accident, and/or injuries. Although there is no easy solution to this dilemma, for everyone’s safety and equipment protection, even a small company needs to service their new or used knuckleboom trucks.

This process should start with daily operator inspections of the truck as well as with fleet managers, so any problems are spotted right away and a vehicle can be scheduled for repair or maintenance immediately. One of the best ways to prevent a work schedule disruption is for a company to invest in the most efficient and productive used knuckleboom trucks available and even purchase an extra unit specifically for that purpose.

Keeping Up with Technology

Larger companies usually find it more cost-effective to have their own maintenance/repair shop, with technicians on staff who are trained in all the latest technology. For smaller company, this is usually not feasible since state-of-the-art maintenance technology and equipment is expensive.

It is more affordable for a smaller business to form a relationship with a reputable mechanical shop with resources that can provide current and timely maintenance and repair. They can arrange a maintenance schedule with the shop, then plan their daily work around that schedule. This gives the company assurance that their trucks will get the best care at all times.

Even when purchasing the best used knuckleboom trucks for sale, a company that uses utility trucks and similar equipment must take regular preventive maintenance seriously, both for safety reasons and to remain profitable. By understanding that downtime associated with well-maintained vehicles is simply a part of the cost of doing business, even a smaller company can take the right steps to ensure their vehicles are always in the best, most reliable condition!

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